White Pumpkin Arrangement

I have always loved floral arrangements created in fresh pumpkins. Today, I decided I wanted to play around with white pumpkins for a change.  I was getting tired of the same old fall colors so, I figured I would branch out with a different approach.  To my delight, the local farm stand was having a sale on pumpkins.  The sale included white pumpkins, as well.  I was thrilled!

My next stop was the grocery store to shop for fresh flowers.  There is another farm stand in my area where I often go for fresh flowers, however, it is closed on Tuesdays.  For some reason, I always seem to be inspired on Tuesdays!  Since I did not want to drive all over the place, the grocery store selection was going to have to do.  With what was available, I chose white and a purply pink as my color theme.

Here are the steps I took to use a pumpkin as the container for my floral design.  These steps could be used for gourds and other winter root vegetables, as well.
 The first thing you need to do is find an appropriately sized container to hold the oasis and water for your arrangement.  Trace around the circumference of the container with a pen or pencil.
 Next, cut the lid off the pumpkin, just as you would if you were carving it for Halloween.  I left the seeds in.  I'm not sure if I should have or not.  I wasn't sure if the pumpkin would last longer with the seeds removed or left in.  I have a feeling the flowers will stay fresher longer than the pumpkin anyway.  Once pumpkins are cut they usually rot fairly quickly. 
 As you can see, this plastic bowl fits very well in the hole.
 Next, add your water soaked oasis.  Adding some height to the oasis gives you more area to place the flowers.
 I started with the base and added some "filler flowers" to cover up the lip of the plastic container.
 Unfortunately, I got carried away with my arranging and forgot to take anymore photos of my creation until I was done.  I'm sorry about that.  The flowers I used were white and purply pink mums, white alstroemeria, goldenrod, dusty miller and lavender.  The dusty miller and lavender were from my garden.  I was shocked I could still find some materials there.
 My dilemma ended up being, "Do I like the arrangement without the pumpkin lid...
 With the lid incorporated in the arrangement
Or placed next to the pumpkin arrangement?"
I decided I liked the lid placed next to the arrangement when using it for a table centerpiece.  I haven't made up my mind about the outside photos.  I'm waiting for my friends to give their opinions as to which photo they like the best on my Facebook page :)

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