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Sharing the Photos of Jenny and Ben's Wedding!

The last time I posted about Jenny and Ben's Wedding I was hoping to receive some photos of the actual wedding.  Well, thanks to Jenny and Kelly Davidson Studio I now have a few to share!

As I had told you in my last post, the wedding was held in Jackson, NH at Whitney's Inn  It was a picturesque and rustic location, a treasure of a find.

The wedding took place on September 12, 2015, on a beautiful late summer day.  Jenny had asked for all white flowers in her bouquets with a variety of greens and grays mixed in.  The lovely location of the Whitney's Inn matched perfectly with her vision of the day, with its rustic charm and rural location. I think Kelly, the photographer, captured the essence of the wedding exquisitely with her photos, don't you?

I hope you enjoy the show!


Wishing Jenny and Ben a lifetime of happiness and love!

Jenny, thank you for your vision and trusting me with a little part of it!

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Using Pumpkins and Guords for Fall Decor!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers"~L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables~

I recently discovered this quote and thought, "How apropos!"  Anne of Green Gables was right.  October is a great month.  Of course, I think all of the months of the year are special in their own way but, it must be that October is one of my favorites since I was married in October!  And, why wouldn't it be one of my favorites with the apple picking, the leaf peeping, the hay rides, the apple cider and and the crisp walks in the woods?
I told myself I wasn't going to post anymore fall decorations because I seem to do that a lot, especially with the mainstay colors of orange, yellow, brown and rust.  However, who can resist pumpkins, guords, Indian corn and bittersweet?  The vibrant colors are captivating and only appear once a year...so here goes!
I have been searching for years for new cushions for my outdoor patio set.  It has always been a chore because finding the right size has been difficult and because the cost of replacement cushions is usually pretty high.  Most of the time, you might as well buy all new furniture, which seems very wasteful to me.  However, I found these cushions at Home Depot last spring for a good price and have enjoyed them all summer long.  The colors have even worked well into the fall and coordinate with the oranges, browns and greens of autumn.
By this time in the season, my window boxes have seen better days.  I usually go out and replace the flowers in the boxes with fall plants.  I wasn't up for that this year and really didn't have the time.   So, I opted to make my fall displays on the deck railings and the outdoor coffee table.  Here, I covered a glass-topped table with burlap, always a good autumn standby, and filled it with fall accents.  On the railing I have Indian corn, acorn squash, mini pumpkins and bittersweet.  Be careful of the Indian corn.  Mine was attacked by woodpeckers after this photo was taken.  
This mum was a perfect fit for my beverage holder.  (It is easily moved if you are entertaining and need the holder for drinks.)  The planter in the foreground is filled with the carrots I grew from seed but, never turned into carrots. Even though, I love the foliage and would actually try growing them again :).
More planters, mums and pumpkins scattered around the deck.
Here I mixed together some items from my yard (bittersweet, goldenrod, a white mystery flower) and some items I purchased at farm stands and grocery stores (a pumpkin, mini pumpkins, Indian corn and squash).  Grocery stores, by the way, are great places to pick up fall accents at a decent price.

There is still a little room on this table if I want to serve food.  If I need more room, I can move the centerpiece to somewhere else on the deck.  In the meantime, it looks pretty.

Perhaps, next time I will try some new fall colors like purples and lime greens or...use those cool white pumpkins.  So many possibilities! We'll see what happens next year!

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