Making a Whimsical Fabric Flower Wreath

I am back from my mini-vacation to Florida that I took last week.  (I think I may have told you about it.)  It was great to get out of the cold and rainy/snowy weather of the Northeast and enjoy the sun for a few days!  We truly enjoyed our time in Naples but, unfortunately, it is back to real life again.  And, guess what!  They are forecasting snow yet again for tomorrow!!  Like I said, real life---smack in the face!

Oh well, as they say, "All good things must come to an end."  At least, I am back and can finish the craft I started before I left.

Floral Design Parade

I had planned on sharing a new craft I have been working on this week but, time got away from me and here we are at the end of the week and I am still not done!  Life sometimes gets in the way of our best laid plans~~in a good way, of course ;).  I hope to share the finished product next week.  Until then, I thought I would reminisce a bit and share some of my non-wedding floral designs from the past.

~Presenting the Floral Design Parade~ 

I purchased the flowers for this bouquet at Trader Joes.  I loved the colors together and wanted to play around with them in a bouquet.  It's so vibrant.  I like that :).

St. Patty's Day Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Everybody!!  I apologize in advance for the randomness of this post.  I am kind of all over the place with this one. I wanted to create a vignette of sorts for St. Patrick's Day and  found an assortment of floral containers in my house I thought would work well for a nice display.  However, I wasn't exactly sure how to incorporate all of them.  I had a brand new hanging plant holder, an old square emerald green vase, green flowers pots, little green goblets and a cabbage!  What should I do with all of this?!  I wasn't quite sure!

I own a curio-type bookshelf and thought it was a good place to start.  It can hold a lot of "stuff".  Slowly I placed and replaced all these items on the shelves until I began to be happy with how they looked.  As you can see the predominate color was green; all in honor of St. Patrick's Day. The miniature castle shown here isn't overly green but it seemed like something that would sit very naturally on the Irish countryside.  So, I determined it was OK to use.  My friend, Michelle, had given me the shamrock ornament after she had travelled to Ireland with her husband.  I just HAD to use that!  Turns out I liked it so much that I used it everywhere :).

A Beautiful March Day Spent "Working" in My Shed

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day even after some morning showers.  I had decided earlier in the week to participate in a #Thursdaytrays "contest" on Instagram.  I posted my entry this morning.

  My plan was to use a new tray I had recently purchased from Homegoods.  I had already used my other various trays many times on other projects so, it was time to try something new.  As I was thinking about the design, I realized I needed some flowers.  So, I ran out quickly to my local grocery store and hoped I could find something appropriate.  How lucky was I when I found these beautiful anemones?!  This store usually only has tulips, mums and roses...and the roses are usually not in the best of shape.  But, as it turned out, these lovely anemones became the basis of my whole design.  How can you go wrong with flowers like this?

Spring Mini "Terrariums"

 The last remnants of the big snowstorm we had a few weeks ago is finally melting from my North-facing front lawn.  This is the spot in my yard that takes forever to melt.  Truth be told, it really has been an easy winter but, when that last patch of snow finally melts away I can actually think that Spring is on its way!  With that encouraging thought, it was time to bring the hope of spring inside the house.  What better way to think of spring than to buy some daffodil and/or hyacinth plants?  These beauties were the inspiration for me to design my springtime mini terrariums.

I found cocktail glasses, blue pebbles and Spanish moss at the Dollar Store and the daffodils and hyacinths at Trader Joe's, the start of the necessary materials!

New Additions and Special Flower Favors

I took it easy last week blog-wise.  It was February vacation here in Massachusetts and although I do not have children in school anymore, I do have a daughter who is a school teacher.  Often February vacation gives us time to do the things we like to do together like shopping, going to lunch and consignment shop perusing; things she can't normally do during the week because of her teaching schedule.  However, this February vacation she began the week with a new addition to her family-- a new puppy!  Here she is~~~~~Lucy.  Isn't she adorable?!!  Lucy is half Springer Spaniel and half Poodle.  She is just the cutest thing!  Well, needless to say, Lucy took most of my daughter's time over the week and I really didn't see her as much as I usually do but, I TOTALLY understand :).  Who wouldn't want to spend all of their time with this cutie?!

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