Instagram Photo Shoot

Happy Saturday, Everyone!  I don't usually publish posts on Saturday but, I wanted to get this one out before the end of October and I didn't want it to compete with Halloween on Monday. October is almost over and I thought I would share an Instagram photo shoot I did for #ShowMeYourHoliday a few weeks ago.  I am relatively new to Instagram and for those of you who know me, I am not very tech-savvy but, I have really been trying to learn.  Instagram has been a joy, so far, for me.  So, when an invitation came from pnwgirlsdesigns on Instagram for me to join in a contest of sorts, I was pretty excited.

Decorating for Fall: Vignettes from Inside the Home

Last week I shared some photos of fall decor on the outside of my house.  This week I wanted to show you some vignette photos from inside my home.  As I have said previously, I can't seem to help myself when it comes to seasonal and holiday decorating.  I think it's in my blood.  My mom and my grandmother both had the "bug" and taught and inspired me to carry on the tradition.

So every year, I bring up the plastic tub from the basement labeled "Halloween", even though I really meant for it to read "Fall Decorations", and get started.  I generally am a "harvest" decorator instead of a "Halloween" one.  I might add a few truly Halloween items to the mix about a week before the holiday but, for the most part my decorating is for the whole fall season.  That way I am all set until Thanksgiving, giving myself a little break until the heavy duty Christmas decorating starts!


This general display below has been on the buffet in the living room all summer.  I simply updated it for the fall by replacing summer silk stems with fall ones. I added an orange ceramic pumpkin and a few puffy bunny tails too.

Outdoor Decorating for Fall

Since I was sooo wordy in my last post, I am going to try to keep the chatter to a minimum this time around.  I have told you in the past how much I love summer but, I have to admit autumn comes in as a very close second.  I love the clothes, the sports, the colors, the activities...I guess I'm getting wordy again!!

As much as I tell myself I am NOT going to go through all of the work of seasonal decorating, I always end up doing it anyway.  I enjoy it too much! This fall appears to be no exception in that regard.  I'm still lugging home pumpkins and bringing up my stash of fall goodies from the basement.

So in an effort to be less-wordy, here is a view of my side deck decorated with pumpkins, guords and seasonal plants.

Foliage Trip to New Hampshire and a Stay at the Mountain View Grand Resort

Last week my husband and I decided, in the spur of the moment, to take an overnight trip to the Franconia Notch area of New Hampshire to get away and to see the foliage.  We had been talking about doing this for months and once we saw that the weather forecast was good, we took some work time off and headed North.

There are two things we wanted to check off of our "mini" bucket lists this year.  I say "mini" because both of these things involved going to tourist attractions in our neighboring state of New Hampshire.  Not exactly like seeing the Great Wall of China but, we wanted to do them just the same.  One was to go to The Flume and the other was to take a ride on the Cog Railroad to the top of Mount Washington.

The Flume or Flume Gorge was on my bucket list.  I hadn't been there since I was a little girl and really wanted to go again.  My husband had never been so, now finally seemed to be the right time to go.  So, we packed the car the next morning and set the gps for Lincoln, NH.  {Not sure that is the  town where The Flume is located but, we knew we could get lunch there along the way :).}

The Fall Wedding Journey Continues: Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquets

The journey of Kiersten and Chris' wedding continues with the bride and bridesmaid bouquets. I am not sure if I mentioned in the first installment of this wedding journey just how much fun Kiersten was to work with. She really loved flowers and was eager to embrace the colors and textures of fall.  She seemed very excited to experiment with different kinds and shapes of flowers.  Often, I would suggest a flower I had seen at the flower market to see if she would like to incorporate it into the bouquets.  Sometimes she did and sometimes she didn't.  It was always fun discussing the possibilities with her, however.  She told me she loved ferns and berries and liked the idea of cascading bouquets which made creating these bouquets all the more enjoyable for me.  In the end, I think they were exquisite, mainly due to the lovely choices Kiersten made.
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