The Wedding Journey Continues: Delivery and Setting Up

So the journey continues with the delivery of the bridal party bouquets and the set-up of the ceremony site. I was going to show all of my set-up and delivering photos in one post but, as it turns out, there really are too many for just one post so, I thought it best to create two posts.  I hope you agree.

Well, here they are as promised...the bridesmaid bouquets.  They were petite, the size of a large nosegay.  I just loved them!  I thought they were so pretty!  And, the colors...weren't they great?!

The Beginning of the Journey of Keri and John's Wedding

I am sorry that I was among the missing last week.  I really have a good excuse!  I was creating the flowers for Keri and John's wedding which took place on August 19, 2016 at The Commons 1854 in Topsfield, MA.  I met Keri and her mom, Debbie, several months ago and it was at that time I learned about Keri's preferences and desires for her wedding. Both Keri and Debbie were so great and fun to be with.  I felt as though this wedding was going to be a pleasure...and, as it turned was.

Keri told me she was going to wear a champagne wedding dress and that the bridesmaids were to wear blush pink long dresses.  Lovely!  She told me that she loved callas lilies and wanted to carry all white callas for her bouquet.  She also told me that she wanted the girls to carry small bouquets of light pink and cream colored flowers. The bouquets were to be on the smaller side because Keri would have 10 bridesmaids, including two matrons-of-honor.  There would be 10 groomsmen, as well, with two best men.  This was going to be a big endeavor!

With months of discussions with Keri and Debbie and preparation on my part, it was now time for the whole vision to come to fruition.  So, I gathered my supplies and tools, traveled into Boston to the flower market to pick up the ordered flowers and got started creating the florals for the wedding!

Easy Breezy Tablescape

I know the summer is going very quickly and it seems as though people are looking forward to fall but, I love the summer.  I need to stay in the moments of summer for just a little bit longer.  I hope you will indulge me. If you will, today I am sharing another seaside inspired tablescape.  I simply love the colors!
I love the light and airy colors of summer.  Here we have seaside blue, peaches, whites, creams and a seaglass blue/green.  What says "summer" more than that?!

Breakfast Meeting

I wanted to share with you how easy it can be to host a breakfast meeting or gathering, whether for business or for fun.  Even with our busy schedules, it is still possible to have people over, be it at home or office, without much fuss or disruption.  There are so many resources at our disposal now, thanks to places like Costco, local grocery stores, specialty bakeries or the neighborhood deli.  It seems as though entertaining is easier than it has ever been. 

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