Fruits of My Labor

As some of you may know I did the flowers for a large wedding about a month ago.  What you may not know is that I often have flowers left over from the weddings I do, which was the case last month.  I was able to make some bouquets and give them to friends and family members from the left-over flowers but, I was also able to make some arrangements for myself. 

The first thing I did was bring some of the flowers down to my cottage on Cape Cod.  My son and his family were going to be staying there for the week and I wanted the place to look extra pretty.  I have to say, I loved how this arrangement turned out.  I thought it looked very cottage-y.

I was also able to semi-replicate the cocktail table arrangements I had made for the wedding with a larger fishbowl vase I found at the cottage.

It was the perfect little addition to our outside seating settee.

After the cottage was all set for my son's family my husband and I headed back home where I found more flowers to play with.

I ended up making a bouquet of all white flowers for a side table in the dining room.  This bouquet looked nothing like what I had done for the wedding but, I absolutely adored the different textures of the flowers in this bouquet. 

After making the all white bouquet I decided to make some "hedge" arrangements like I had made for the wedding for myself.  It was fun working on the flowers without the pressure of the wedding.  Of course, the arrangements didn't last that long because by this time they were old flowers.  It was still fun, nonetheless.

Oh, I forgot!  I also made a basic arrangement of blue and white hydrangeas and placed it on top of the hutch.  The whole scene made for a very lovely display.  I should have had a dinner party or something but, to be honest, we were heading back to the Cape in a few days.  That is the story of my life in the summer :).  I am not complaining but, that is what often happens.  We are all over the place.


So for a few days or so, my dining room looked quite pretty.  

I am thinking from this point on, I will let this be a photos-only post and let you enjoy the scenery without added words from me.  For those of you who are interested in this sort of thing, the flowers used here were:  Blue and white hydrangeas, white spray roses, white Playa Blanca roses, Tibet roses, Italian and Israeli ruscus.

I hope you enjoyed the "slide show" of what I call the fruits of my labor. 

In writing this post I realized I have not continued the story of the wedding I have been referring to here.  While I will be waiting for the official photos of the wedding to come to me from the bride for sometime, I do have more photos of my own that I can share. 

 Until then, I hope you are enjoying the summer in the most incredible of ways!!

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