Helpful Florist Wedding Tips and WeddingWire Vendor Booking Timeline

Hi Everyone!  Today I am excited to be sharing with you the new Vendor Booking Timeline from WeddingWire! It is a very informative graphic which helps brides and their families when it comes to planning that all important day.  It is easy to read and concise in its information, making it a handy tool for brides.  WeddingWire has just made the process that much easier!

Decorating the Front Porch with Spring Flowers

Hi Everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your friends and family this past weekend.  I did!  This time of year is just great, isn't it?  No matter how long or tough the winter has been, Spring is a welcome change from the cold and isolating weather of winter.  To celebrate this season change I desperately searched from nursery to nursery looking for pansies, tulips and whatever other spring flowers I could find.

A Springtime in Paris Open House Revisited

I started this blog a little more than three years ago, quite naively, with a post about the "Springtime in Paris Open House" I hosted at my home. I didn't know anything about blogging at that time.  Nothing!  I was encouraged to start a blog by my daughter and, somewhat on a lark, I began my blogging journey. My progress has been slow but, I continue to learn new things everyday and feel I am growing through the process, which is very gratifying to me.

I wanted to share this special (to me) Open House again with you because it was the kick-off to the start of launching my event planning/floral design business. I was a nervous wreck about putting myself out there and having to "sell myself", something that continues to be difficult for me to do.  But with a limited budget, I put everything I had into the Springtime in Paris Open House.  I wanted to make a good first impression for myself and my business.

Whimsical Easter Tablescape

Happy Friday, Everyone!  I have to say I really received some nice responses from last week's post with my Whimsical Fabric Flower Wreath.  That wreath has actually inspired my whole Easter tablescape this year. I am letting the colors of the wreath be my guide for color when it comes to my Easter dining table. It has been fun mixing so many normally taboo colors together.  Easter and Spring allow for whimsy I think,... or at least I hope so!

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