A Three-Tiered Flower and Gem Arrangement

This three-tiered glass server became inspiration one day for me as it sat on the shelves in my kitchen.  I decided to play around with ideas to use it for a floral design.  It's winter.  Inspiration is a definite "must" at this time of year.

Milk and Cookies and More!

I purchased this mug last week on sort of a whim.  I am not a big mug person but, my husband is a big milk and cookies guy and I liked the saying printed on the mug.  So, I thought, "Why not?".  It was on clearance anyway!  I liked how the mug has a spot for your cookie too, although the slot is only for a small cookie.  It's more for a Chip-ahoy kind of cookie.

Anyway, there must be one to two feet of snow outside my window and this little mug got me to thinking about how mugs have such a partnership with comfort food and comfortable settings and how this partnership affects many of us in a very positive way.

Happy Valentine's Day 2017

I couldn't let Valentine's Day go by without wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day!  I have been off and running all day making Valentine deliveries to my loved ones and am just getting back home.  I hope you are having a wonderful day.


When you have little ones in the family, this is what Valentine's Day looks like :)!!  Lots of stuffed animals and candy!  These guys were part of the delivery.  You can't really see the candy in this photo but, it's there!

Hearts and Flowers!

Happy Friday!  I am finally plowed out from yesterday's storm and enjoying the sunshine.  While housebound yesterday, I played around with decorating a few more areas of my home for Valentine's Day. Since this holiday is just around the corner and will be over soon, I hope you will indulge me this one last time and allow me to share a few more Valentine vignettes.

I had fun adding these Valentine conversation hearts to this wall hanging in my kitchen.  Don't conversation hearts just scream, "Valentine's Day!"?

Getting a Small Business Boost

Last week was a funny week for me.  An opportunity arose business-wise and ended up occupying most of my week.  I wasn't sure if it was blog-worthy or not and wasn't sure if I would be sharing the experience with all of you.  But, since blogging is about life and the life of the blogger, I decided  writing about it was OK.

 Of course, since I am from New England, I had other things on my mind last week, as well...that being the Super Bowl!!!   No bragging here but, the weekend turned out to be awesome!!  But, before this great thing happened...

From the Lowell Sun newspaper

Valentine Banners and More!

I have to say I like Valentine's Day and, it's not because of the flowers and chocolate, although those would be good reasons in and of themselves.  I like it because it is a "fun" holiday and any holiday that celebrates love has to be pretty good, don't you think?  I also like it because it comes at a fairly dreary time of the year and celebrating Valentines Day can be a bright spot in the middle of winter, if you allow it to be  :).

Part of my excitement for Valentine's Day involves the crafts and the decorations that go along with it.

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