A Meghan Inspired Diminutive Bridal Bouquet

Creating a Beach Themed Tablescape in the Country

Hi, Everyone!  I am back from a very nice vacation although the weather was not perfect.  It was great to get away and relax for a while.  I suppose the cloudy days helped in that respect, now that I think of it.  I have been rejuvenated just as I had hoped and am ready to share some new ideas and designs with you!

Taking a Little Break to Rejuvenate

Hi, All! I hope you are all doing well.  I am signing in today to tell you that Designs and Events is going to take a few weeks off from its blogging schedule.  Even though the pandemic in Massachusetts has abated quite a bit, which is wonderful, the whole experience has taken a toll, at least on me.  I am sure it has on you, as well.  I feel as though my creativity has suffered somewhat and I am now in need of new inspiration.

Making a Front Entry Summer Ready

Hi, Everyone!  Summer has officially started and with that I am now realizing that my spring planters on the front porch are beginning to look a bit bedraggled.  They looked pretty good a few weeks ago ↓ but, what often happens with pansies is now happening with my pansies.  They are getting "leggy" and limp looking.

Finding "New" Spaces Around the House During the Shutdown

Hi there!  Sorry I missed you last week.  It was a busy week for me.  It was a week of celebration and catch up.  We celebrated my daughter and husband's birthdays and we finally caught up on some appointments that had to be put on the back burner due to the coronavirus.  One of which was an appointment to the hairdresser. I finally was able to get my hair cut!  Yay!  Not that that is an excuse for not blogging, but I did lose track of time :).

My Garden Thus Far

Hi, there!  It is the end of another week in semi-shutdown mode.  Massachusetts is slowly starting to open.  Yay!  I have an actual hair appointment in about ten days.  I am so excited!  It is great to have some things slowly trying to get back to normal.  However, for the most part, I am still in shutdown status.  This is why my yard and garden have been so important to me.  They have given me a place to explore and view everyday for pure enjoyment.  Yesterday I even encountered a baby fawn nestled in a sea of ferns just a few feet away from me.  So cute!

A Grocery Store Flowers Challenge