2014 Boston Flower & Garden Show

I wanted to share with you the visit I made on March 15, 2014 with my daughter to the 2014 Boston Flower & Garden Show.  The theme for this year's show was "Romance in the Garden". My daughter and I have gone together for the past two years but, my visits to the Flower Show go back several more.  It's always a fun thing to do, especially this year after a very long and very cold winter.

Our schedules only allowed us to go on Saturday, probably not the best day to go because of the crowds.  A weekday night usually is better if you want to be able to look at the exhibits more leisurely and with more elbow room.  The show is always a get take but, if I am being honest, I would have to agree with the opinion of some women I met waiting in the ladies' room line, every year the exhibits seem to be fewer and fewer while the number of vendors seems to grow more and more.  I'm not really sure why this is.  It could be that the cost of creating these beautiful displays are becoming too expensive.  Not sure why, but, it's still a wonderfully fun outing and truly worth the trip, if for nothing else than to see beautiful flowers and to get excited about the approaching garden season!

This was my favorite exhibit.  So welcoming!

This statue rotated around.  Very cool!

I love hydrangeas!

The cake display section was very interesting.

I loved this one.  The flowers on the cake looked real!



As you can see, it really is a great show!

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