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I am sorry I didn't post anything on my blog this week.  It was one of those funny kind of weeks that we experience once in a while in life.  It was a bit of a see-saw.  On one side was the birthday of my husband and the celebration of Father's Day, which were loads of fun!  Sandwiched in between those two happy events was the funeral of a special woman from my childhood, my childhood piano teacher.  She was also the mom of the Maid of Honor at my wedding.  Come to think of it, this special lady played the piano at my wedding ceremony also.  She was one of those people who made sure she stayed in touch even when I moved away from home.  So, needless to say, not only was it a busy week for me but, an emotionally draining one, as well.

Therefore, I hope you don't mind but I am going to share some photos from a few previous posts.  I have only been blogging for a little over a year and some of my earlier posts were quite skimpy and not very many people viewed them so, why not share them again, right?  I hope you will bear with me and please enjoy.

Here are some of my window box designs from years past...

These photos were from my Art-in-Bloom night last year.

 I really want to host another one of these events.  It was so much fun!
My Country French Design
 Bouquet Design
 These were some gifts I was bringing to a garden club meeting.
 This was a basket of favors I made for a special bridal shower.
Finally a basket full of flowers!  I thought they looked quite lovely :)

I promise I will be working on new things in the upcoming days.  No celebrations on the horizon this week and I certainly hope that there won't be sad news arriving anytime soon either.

Happy Father's Day and First Day of Summer!

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