Artichoke Inspiration

As I have mentioned before, I have been busy in the garden, as usually is the case this time of year but, I happened into the new Wholefoods store in Westford the other day and saw some beautiful artichokes.  I was inspired and decided to try one in a floral centerpiece.  I'm always looking for new ways to arrange flowers.

 Wholefoods also had a nice selection of cut flowers so, I grabbed a few of those, as well.
I should probably begin by listing all of the elements I used in this arrangement.  This list includes the aforementioned  artichoke, two white hydrangeas, blue sea holly and mini peachy-orange roses, as well as and a fuchsia orchid I have been nursing all winter and which has been continually blooming the whole time.  Really cool!
For the base of the arrangement I used a white wide low saucer type container.  Inside the low saucer I added a galvanized orb and a ceramic white artichoke.  See the artichoke theme!  I already had the ceramic artichoke.  I guess I really like the shape of artichokes.


I think I must have also been inspired by Floridian colors.  You know, with the pinks and the turquoises.  I think they are probably too bright for my living room and its furniture but, who cares?  I wanted to brighten things up and if you can't do it in the summer, when can you do it?

 You can see the beautiful, healthy artichoke here along with the flowers.
The galvanized orb is hidden within the flowers but still slightly visible. 
More of the Floridian colors :).

The artichoke does add a new dimension to the floral arrangement.  I think it is sometimes fun to try fruits and vegetables in floral design.  They can give an element of surprise!

As I said, it was time to bring summer to the inside of my home.
Here is a full view of the centerpiece as is sat on the dining table.  I have since exchanged the white candle for a pink one and I think I like the colors better on the table.
I love the addition of the orchid.  It gives the arrangement height and vibrant color.

Little glass embellishments from my stash of such things!

Should I try an eggplant next?  Could be interesting!

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