The Beginning of the Journey of Keri and John's Wedding

I am sorry that I was among the missing last week.  I really have a good excuse!  I was creating the flowers for Keri and John's wedding which took place on August 19, 2016 at The Commons 1854 in Topsfield, MA.  I met Keri and her mom, Debbie, several months ago and it was at that time I learned about Keri's preferences and desires for her wedding. Both Keri and Debbie were so great and fun to be with.  I felt as though this wedding was going to be a pleasure...and, as it turned was.

Keri told me she was going to wear a champagne wedding dress and that the bridesmaids were to wear blush pink long dresses.  Lovely!  She told me that she loved callas lilies and wanted to carry all white callas for her bouquet.  She also told me that she wanted the girls to carry small bouquets of light pink and cream colored flowers. The bouquets were to be on the smaller side because Keri would have 10 bridesmaids, including two matrons-of-honor.  There would be 10 groomsmen, as well, with two best men.  This was going to be a big endeavor!

With months of discussions with Keri and Debbie and preparation on my part, it was now time for the whole vision to come to fruition.  So, I gathered my supplies and tools, traveled into Boston to the flower market to pick up the ordered flowers and got started creating the florals for the wedding!

I do not have photos for all of the arrangements, bouquets, etc. I did as I was creating them but, having a little mystery is OK, right?  All of the flower items will eventually be shown...I promise.

 At this point, I was in the process of creating the wrist corsages for the grandmothers.  My husband made me this cute wooden holder when I ran out of aerosol bottles to hold the corsages while I made them. What a great guy! (The tubes hold the corsages like they would be worn on a wrist making it easier to place the flowers on the corsage.)  

Here they are posing in a more beautiful way.

Next came the boutonnieres.  The white ones are for the grandfathers.  They were supposed to match the grandmothers...of course!  The light pink boutonnieres were for the best men and the groomsmen. In the end, counting dads and all, there were fifteen boutonnieres, not including the groom!  That is a lot of boutonnieres!

My photographer thought I needed to do a little self-promotion.  I guess she was right since that is not something I am especially good at.

I honestly forgot to take a photo of the groom's boutonniere. Ugh!  I am hoping that the professional photographer got a nice picture of it. 
The boutonniere below is one that I made the day after the wedding as a photo replacement.  The groom's boutonniere had the stems exposed and did not have the tulle bow in the front but, this one gives you the idea anyway.


Below is one of the arrangements that would be placed at the end of the aisles at the ceremony.  I had to make four of these and each one was made individually.  The color scheme was light pink and cream with some green mixed in.  The pink spray roses, white hydrangea, pink and white standard roses and lovely pink garden roses really made for a very pretty aisle marker. They looked beautiful in the ceremony'll see...later in a future post :).

The bride wanted all white calla lilies, as I already mentioned.  Don't you think it is elegant?!

The brooch is a lovely touch, as well.  You can't really tell from this photograph but, the stem was first wrapped with ivory ribbon and then re-wrapped with champagne-colored tulle to match the bride's veil. It was just beautiful!
Here are some of the centerpieces waiting to be packed and delivered to the wedding venue.  
You will see the bridesmaid bouquets later as they were about to be delivered to the Bride's Room at The Commons.  They also were victims of photographer forgetfulness.  You'd think with ten of them being made, one of us would have remembered to take a picture of one of them :)!! 
Finally, it came time to load all the flowers and arrangements into the rented van.  We actually needed two more vehicles, as well.  The skies were beautiful but it was blazing hot and time was of the essence.  We got everything packed and off we went!

Please stay tuned as the journey continues!

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