The Fall Wedding Journey Continues: Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquets

The journey of Kiersten and Chris' wedding continues with the bride and bridesmaid bouquets. I am not sure if I mentioned in the first installment of this wedding journey just how much fun Kiersten was to work with. She really loved flowers and was eager to embrace the colors and textures of fall.  She seemed very excited to experiment with different kinds and shapes of flowers.  Often, I would suggest a flower I had seen at the flower market to see if she would like to incorporate it into the bouquets.  Sometimes she did and sometimes she didn't.  It was always fun discussing the possibilities with her, however.  She told me she loved ferns and berries and liked the idea of cascading bouquets which made creating these bouquets all the more enjoyable for me.  In the end, I think they were exquisite, mainly due to the lovely choices Kiersten made.

Since photos of the bride and bridesmaid bouquets seemed to be in somewhat short supply for various reasons at the end of the wedding day, I chose to make a sample bridesmaid bouquet the day after the wedding.  Doing so enabled me to take many photos at my leisure and took away some of my photo anxiety:). I decided to go all out (with the photographs) just in case I'd like to use these photos in some of my marketing material in the future.


Thankfully, Judy, my assistant took this photo of the bride's bouquet with her cellphone before we packaged it up for delivery.  Otherwise, I would not have had any "before" photos of the bouquet at all!  We were all consumed with keeping Kiersten's bouquet fresh and safe.  We all totally forgot to take pictures of it!

 This bouquet incorporated so many beautiful and unique flowers.  There were red velvet garden roses (the super ruffly red ones), Valencia white roses, burgundy dahlias, Black Baccara roses, white waxflower, burgundy astrantia, aramanthus, seeded eucalyptus, pepperberry, hypernicum berries and ferns.  So, so interesting!

The next few photos are of the bridesmaid bouquets before being delivered to the church as they sat in the shed.

            Burgundy Dahlias and Valencia Rose
Red Velvet Garden Rose


Again, this is my sample bouquet, just to give you a better idea of the bridesmaid bouquets.


Here are the actual bouquets.  These bouquets contained hypernicum berries instead of the burgundy astrantia (the purply-burgundy pod-like flowers) shown above.

The amaranthus and pepperberry created the cascading effect.  I wasn't sure I was going to add these to the bridesmaid bouquets.  I wasn't sure of the color.  It was my assistants who talked me into it.  I am so glad they did!  I loved the look!

I do apologize for the not-so-good photos of the bride's bouquet.  I really am going to have to rely on the professional photographer for this wedding!

Anyway, here is Kiersten's bouquet after it had been delivered to the church for the ceremony.  The lighting is not great but, you get the idea.

Hopefully, you can see all the various flowers used to make this striking bouquet. I forgot to mention the burgundy astilbe before.  That is in there too!

This is a similar stem wrap to the one that I used on the bride's bouquet.  The stem was first wrapped with white burlap ribbon.  Then wrapped again with a piece of birch bark and finally tied with twine to securely hold it all together.  I thought it looked very rustic...just what the bride wanted.


I am not exactly sure how to artfully transition to the wedding ceremony but, here we go!  These remaining photos were taken with my cellphone.  My husband and I were actually guests at this wedding.  Such an honor!

Sorry---some of the pictures are a little fuzzy but, they are all I have at the moment.  I am sure the professional photographer took great pictures!

Congratulations to Kiersten and Chris!!

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  1. The fall bouquets are so gorgeous! I especially love the Burgundy Dahlias.

  2. Thank you, Amy. I loved the dahlias also :).

  3. Hi Christine! So beautiful! I love the deep colors of the flowers, you did a terrific job! I'm so glad you linked up and shared at Dishing It & Digging It! Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity each week! :)


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