Decorating the Front Porch with Spring Flowers

Hi Everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your friends and family this past weekend.  I did!  This time of year is just great, isn't it?  No matter how long or tough the winter has been, Spring is a welcome change from the cold and isolating weather of winter.  To celebrate this season change I desperately searched from nursery to nursery looking for pansies, tulips and whatever other spring flowers I could find.

It took a few extra visits because it appears I was ahead of the season by a little bit :).  After a few days, however, I found a few nurseries beginning to be engaged for the season and I found pretty much what I was looking for.

I had decided to leave the birch branches from winter in the planters on my front porch.  I needed something high,

 anyway, and thought they did the trick so, why change them?  As summer gets closer, most likely, I will 

change them out but, for now, they worked perfectly with my colors.

Of course, I added in pussy willow, the proverbial spring twig!

I added all different colors of pansies to the planters~ ~
as well as pink tulips. The parade of color was starting!

My white wallhanging is still hanging on the front porch from the winter, as well.  It doesn't look awful---yet so, I left it in place for a little while longer.

I feel as though a bunny should be sticking his head out from behind the birch branches at this 
point ;).
I do like the pink tulips against the white of the birch.
Birch is soooo versatile~

I think the purple-blue color of this pansy is one of my favorites....

but, then gain, who can choose when it comes to pansies?  There are so many great colors!

I loved the vibrant colors of these hydrangeas too.  They would soon be making their way to my daughters and daugher-in-law as Easter gifts.  I was going to miss them sitting on my front porch, however.

The pansies in this planter were going to need a little bit of time before they look presentable but, at least, 

they did add some color.  They'll be beautiful in no time.

This violet-blue is just gorgeous!!!

For some reason, I was somewhat surprised at how much I liked the pussy willow mixed with the birch.

Here were the hydrangeas looking rather pretty with their new Easter bows.  They were about to be loaded into the car to be delivered to their recipients.

I will have to get something quickly to replace them on the front porch.  Time for another nursery visit!


  1. What a lovely display of spring color. I particularly love the pink tulips. I wish they weren't so ethereal. I would love to have them all year round.

  2. I know what you mean! I feel the same way :).

  3. Gorgeous front porch flowers! I wish tulips lasted longer... Thank you for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!

  4. Thank you, Lori. I hope you are doing well :).

  5. Beautiful florals! Thanks so much for sharing this! Pinned.

  6. Thank you, Laurie. Thanks for the pin :) !!!


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