Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail Wreath

Welcome, all!  Yet another Nor'easter came rolling through Massachusetts yesterday and into the night. Aside from some sizable tree limbs down, 13+ inches of snow and a short power outage, we fared pretty well. The storm had been forecasted for days so, on Tuesday I headed out to Michael's to find something creative to do while I expected to be housebound.  As it turned out, the storm didn't get into full swing until nearly suppertime so, I was able to get out in the morning and do a few errands.

Out with the Old and In with the New: Painting and Restyling an Old Hutch

Hi Everyone!  How are you doing?  I was somewhat missing-in-action when it came to my blog last week, although I did repost my St. Patrick's Day Favors.  I just think they are fun for St. Patty's Day  :).   The truth of the matter, however, is that I was having a hard time feeling inspired.  I think perhaps, being in the middle of February and having Valentine's Day and all of its loveliness over, I found myself in a creative slump. I guess I just needed a week off.  Thankfully, because of a project my husband has been working on for me over the last few weeks, I am back and now have a new "reveal" to share with all of you!

St. Patrick's Day Favors

For some reason I don't usually do much in the way of celebrating St. Patrick's Day but, I was restless to find something springlike lately and discovered a recipe online for St. Patrick's Day Rice Krispie Treats.  It inspired me to create these favors.   You can find the recipe here.  I'll be showing you some of the steps I took to make the treats but, you will get the whole recipe on the above website.

Homemade Valentine's Cookies

Hello there!  Happy Valentine's Day again!  I hope you don't mind if a share this post from my archives with you today.  It seemed apropos being Valentine's Day and all.  I made these cookies years ago when I first started blogging and thought they were sooo pretty but, most of you never saw the post.  So, I thought I would share it one more time.  And, for the record, these cookies are delicious!  Especially if you enjoy thick, sweet frosting like I do!  Don't you just love the cookie below and to the left with the small  heart stenciled on it ?  It looks like the heart is bleeding.  I just noticed that!  Haha!

Valentine Suggestions and Vignettes!

Happy Valentine's Day, Everybody!  I am just dropping by to share a few Valentine vignettes one more time and, perhaps, share a few ideas for celebrating the holiday if you are totally stumped for what to do.

Cornstarch Ornaments: A New Valentine Craft...For Me!

Hi, All!  I am so glad you stopped by!  Every Valentine's Day, I look forward to finding something new to enhance the holiday: be it a new craft, new yummy recipe or a new decoration.  This year, my discovery has been in these really fun homemade cornstarch ornaments.

The Kindness of Others and Aunt Barbara's Potato Plus Casserole Recipe

Hello there!  I can't believe January is already done and we are moving quickly into February.  As many of you know, January has been a very busy month for me and my family with the birth of two new grandbabies!  What I haven't told you is that one day before the first new grandbaby was born my granddaughter, Stella, had a frightful fall while skiing in New Hampshire.  We experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, all in a few days in the same week.  Thankfully and miraculously, although still in pain with broken ribs and a broken vertebrae, my granddaughter will fully recover.  Without getting into detail to protect her privacy, we are thankful beyond belief that the accident did not result in permanent damage and that, eventually, she will be totally fine.

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