A Christmas Time Visit to the Wentworth-by-the-Sea

Hi, Everyone!  Are you enjoying the holiday season?  I am but, I have to admit it is going much too fast for my liking.  As fast as it is going, I still love this time of year.

Part of the fun of the month of December is that it is the season of parties and gatherings; the kind of every sort.  My husband and I were lucky enough last weekend to participate in one of those festive gatherings.  It was my husband's company holiday party.  Before you say, "Oh :/ ", you need to understand that this company party was held in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and part of the whole holiday party experience this year was an overnight stay at the renowned, Wentworth By The Sea Hotel.

Naturally Decorating the Front Step for Christmas

Hi All!  Today I am finally sharing some of my Christmas decorations with you.  I know.  I've taken my good sweet time getting here!  In truth, I have been working on my Christmas decorating for a while but, have had other stories to tell you about until now.  Today, I thought the natural place to start was the front step; the entry to my home.

Elements of a Baby Shower

Yes, I understand that it is Christmastime and I should be sharing my Christmas decorating right about now but, a few weekends ago there was a special event in my life and the life of my family and I am hoping you will indulge me this little distraction while I share it with you.

  I, along with my daughter, Amanda, and daughter-in-law, Jessica, hosted a baby shower for my other daughter, Brittany, who is expecting her first child in January.  The preparations had been several months in the making.  Finding the venue, deciding on date, time and menu, ordering and sending out invitations and making decorations were all a part of the process.  There is so much I could share about the process but it is Christmastime, after all, so I am simply going to share some of the highlights of the event.  Perhaps, I will be able to share other details early next year when things slow down a bit :).  (Slow down...right!!)  Until then, here are some of the neat things we made or purchased to make the shower fun for Brittany and her guests.

A Bathroom Reveal and a Touch of Christmas

Hi, there!  So glad you stopped by.  I hope you enjoyed the wonderfully long Thanksgiving weekend.  I took a few days off from regular life and travelled to Lake Placid, New York for a special time with my family.  It was the best of all times having everyone together and I am thankful to my children for making it such a memorable time.

Rambling Thoughts and Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving

I wanted to say a quick, "hi", to all of you on this day before Thanksgiving.  Like many of you, I am busy getting ready for tomorrow's holiday.  I am not hosting this year which makes it less stressful but, I always want to contribute so, I do have a few items to make and bring to the Thanksgiving table.  That will keep me busy most of the day!

Just A Little Mason Jar Tutorial

Hey, Everybody!  Right now I am in the middle of preparing for a baby shower for my youngest daughter.  Everyone involved is so excited!  I am sure I will be sharing some of the elements of the shower with you very soon but, while I am knee deep in fabric, burlap and paint I thought I would share a quick and easy tutorial with you.

A Thanksgiving Tablescape in the Shed

Hey, Everyone!  November is well on its way.  Fall is speeding by!  I can't believe it.  Can you? Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share a tablescape I created in the shed for the holiday.

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