Fall Yard Design


After taking out an overgrown tree and shrub from the front of my house, it became exceedingly clear I had to do something fast to make the area presentable before the oncoming cold weather.  So, my husband and I bought a new tree and a new shrub, some stone and some back mulch.  He took care of all of that.  My job was to make the front yard look "pretty" again.

Thank goodness for fall plants and vegetables.  I was able to purchase some perennials, annuals, pumpkins and gourds from garden centers, Home Depot and Trader Joe's to fill in the space quickly.  I was pleased with the result considering it was a quick-fix solution.  Next spring will be the major renovation!


You can work wonders with pumpkins and gourds.  They are so interesting and colorful!

As a side note, the best price I found for gourds was at Trader Joe's.  They were 69 cents a piece.  I thought that was a great price.

I'm not sure the birds are thrilled with the new arrangement for the bird bath.  However, when I know rain is coming I remove the gourds so the birds can take a bath.  It seems to be a fair compromise.
Well, I think this should be my last installment on fall decorating.  Of course, there's still Halloween.  Next, I'll be moving onto Thanksgiving!

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