Decorating the Front Entry for Christmas

The front entry of your home is usually the place that first greets your guests.  At Christmastime, it becomes the perfect space for lovely holiday decoration. I was asked to decorate this front entry for Christmas last week.  So, I thought it would be fun to take you through some of the process.

Here is the list of materials used:

                            Two Black Plastic Garden Urns
                            One 25' Length Garland of Fresh Greens
                            One 16" Fresh Wreath
                            Three Sets of Christmas White Lights
                                     1 Set of 100 Lights for the Garland
                                                        2 Sets of 50 Lights for the Urns
                                          Red Purchased Branches
                            Natural Branches from the Yard
                            Burgundy Red Ribbon
                                          Fresh Greens
                            Variety of Artificial Red and Burgundy Berries

As you can see, this was a fresh canvas with which to start, very clean and traditional.

I found these garden urns at Lowes.  They were the only affordable choices available in my area at this time of year but , they worked out wonderfully.  I also purchased a fresh 25' long evergreen garland to drape over the front door.  Before putting it in place, I intertwined a set of 100 electric lights into the garland.

The urns were moved out a bit from the front door.  Visually, I thought it looked better this way.

Next I needed to create a receptacle for the greenery that would be added to the urns.  I used some flower pots from the yard.  Since they didn't fit perfectly, some wood spacers were added to stabilize the pot.

The wreath was embellished with a handmade burgundy red bow {made by me :)} and Christmas artificial berries, very subtle but lovely.

For the urns I placed branches in the center with fresh greens arranged around the bowl of the urn.  I used a variety of greens including spruce, pine and boxwood.  Using a variety gives texture to the arrangement.  At this point I added the two 50 set of electric lights running them up the branches in the center of the arrangement.  Finally pinecones and artificial red berries were added for color and interest.

Naturally pretty!

The finished product....almost!

I added two bows in the corners of the door garland.

Now the finished product...almost...

Finally the lights!  Now it's finished...except for hiding the extension cords :)  That would have to wait until later.  It was late and cold by that point.  Better to wait until tomorrow.
Happy Decorating!

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