Hand Tied Flowers

I was going to have lunch with a couple of my girlfriends and wanted to bring a little gift for each one.  Nothing big, just a little something.  It's January and who doesn't like flowers? This is especially true since these friends were ones I had made through my garden club. 
 I loved the color of the roses and the hyacinths were beautiful, as well as, extremely fragrant.
In order to keep the flowers as fresh as possible during our lengthy lunch, I wet some paper napkins and put them into a plastic food storage bag.  I placed the stems of the flowers in the plastic bag and semi-tightly wound an elastic around everything.  It didn't look very pretty but it worked.

Next, I cut a square piece of this brown gift wrap from Michael's and loosely wrapped the flowers in it.

Tied it with twine.

A very casual look but, that's what I was going for.

I had some sheer grey ribbon I thought would look nice with the blue hyacinths.  I'm not sure if I wouldn't use the twine the next time.  I liked the twine look best...I think.  Two different pieces of gift wrap, perhaps one in a print along with the brown would have looked nice, as well.  Maybe, I'll try that next time.

Flowers always work well in the middle of the winter to lift your spirits!  Especially if you just want a "little something."

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