Frozen Beauty

Now that we are in the cold and dark days of January, it's important to find beauty wherever we can.  That's why when a freezing rain storm passed through our area and left all the trees and shrubs in my yard covered in ice, I decided to take a few pictures.  Everything was glistening and looked like frozen works of art.  After all the activity and bright lights of the holidays it was kind of nice to enjoy the simple beauty of naturally frozen tree limbs and branches.  It made me realize that even in the dead of winter there is still loveliness to be found.  I hope you will have opportunities to find it too.

 This looks like I stuck a dried hydrangea in the middle of this planter.  Actually, this is a boxwood shrub I transplanted into this pot last summer.  I'm hoping it will make it through the winter, although things aren't looking great right now!

 I still think the frozen pine needles are beautiful.

These are pictures of a huge magnolia tree that grows next to my house.
 Frozen pine boughs

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