Tulips and Ranunculus

"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips
 its turn"
                                        ~Hal Borland~

I came across this quote the other day and thought,
 "Boy, I hope that's true."  February has made me wonder
 but, this quote got me thinking about the reality of the
 situation.  Spring really will come...eventually.  
What better way to think about spring than to look
at a bright and cheery floral bouquet?

 So, I went out and purchased two bunches of flowers from Trader Joe's, one of yellow tulips and one of mixed ranunculus.  Tulips, of course, are the quintessential spring flower and ranunculus are always beautiful! 

I found this square vase in my collection of containers and
 thought the turquoise would could go nicely with the pink and yellow flowers, very springlike.  The raised silver cake plate 
was great for displaying.
Don't you just love the tissue paper look of ranunculus?  I chose this bunch because I thought the color combination in each bloom was very interesting.  I love the white flower with the purple tingled edges, as well as, the green blossom with the very light tinge of pink.  Actually all the flower blooms are unique to themselves.  Together, they make a lovely bouquet.

I already feel the change of weather in the air! 

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