Spring Mini "Terrariums" Continued

I wanted to follow up on my last post, Spring Mini "Terrariums" and show you how the terrariums can be used as beauty and design in your home.

I played around with different areas in my home as to where my plant terrariums would look best.  At first, I tried them in my workspace area.  I love the muted colors of the walls and furniture and thought the living flowers positioned next to the cream colors would look nice.   The effect was soothing somehow and I liked it very much. 

I found these egg and nest prints through one of my favorite blogs Findingsilverpennies.  The printables website is http://vintageprintable.com.  It's a neat website, very easy to use.  Check it out!  They have many, many prints to choose from.  To find these particular prints you need to search under Animal-Egg.  

Everything looked fresh and clean...and very springlike.
The only problem I had with this space was that the lighting is not great.  So...
I decided to try using them on my old tried-and-true dining table.  I liked the vintage look with the cloche candle (Pottery Barn) and silver stand (Homegoods).  I love doing tablescapes!  They are so much fun and you really can experiment anyway you choose.

Unfortunately, the light exposure in the dining room is almost too strong.  The plants would probably get somewhat overheated and have a shorter blooming life, which was certainly something I did not want. I was kind of having a Goldielocks problem!  One space didn't have enough light and the other had too much.

I ended up putting the terrariums in my kitchen, which has just the right amount of light.  I spend most of my time in the kitchen so, I would get the greatest amount of enjoyment and viewing from there, anyway.  Win, win.

 I'm trying to decide whether to give the terrariums away as hostess gifts or presents...or just keep them for myself!  There's a good chance I simply make some more to give away and keep these for myself!

Enjoy the slow-but-sure onset of spring!  I will be sharing more designs as we head towards Easter!

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