Ode to the Easter Lily

One more day on Easter, if you don't mind.  I always seem to overlook the beautiful Easter Lily until Easter morning when it is too late to run out and purchase one for myself.  Thankfully, I have wonderful kids and kids-in-law and, miraculously, Easter Lilies appear in my home by Easter dinner.  What a thoughtful bunch I have!


I especially like receiving Easter Lilies because I have had good luck with planting them in my outdoor garden when they have finished blooming indoors.  One year, my daughter, Amanda, gave me a very large lily.  I planted it in my garden just to see what would happen and the next spring it burst through the soil and at least seven flowers appeared.  The lily blossomed the next year, as well, but with fewer blossoms.  It never resurfaced again but I got two good years out of one plant.  I considered that a success!

 Along with the Easter Lilies, my crafty daughter gave me this basket of craft supplies.  How thoughtful of her!  She is always encouraging me with my business and my blog and I know her basket full of "treasures" was to spur me on to continue creating!

As you can see, the basket included all sorts of treasures.  One of the most interesting items was the roll of metal "ribbon".  I am not sure what to do with it yet but, it will be fun experimenting.

 See all the interesting things in my basket!
I hope by now you realize that I am not sharing photos of my Easter gifts to gloat or to brag.  These gifts were a very, very small part of the day.  The larger part of my day was going to church, being with wonderful company,  sharing good food and enjoying much laughter.  The gifts, either received or given, were simply a fun way of showing our love and appreciation for one another.

Of course, I'll be hoping my Easter Lilies make an appearance next spring!

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