Touches of Summer in the Home

I don't know about you but, I have had a wonderful summer!  I have been visiting with friends and family and enjoying a community pool I decided to join this year.  It's been fun but, I didn't want you to forget about me so, I thought I would show you some of the summer touches I have added to my home. Have you changed a few things around your house for the summer months?  If not, maybe these few photos will inspire you!

Adding summery printed pillows to any room is a quick and easy way to change its mood.
The bucket of plastic ware is pretty as well as functional for evening dinners.  Everything is at the ready :).
I wasn't sure if I should add this photo of my front hall bathroom with you but, it does have a Caribbean feel so, I thought, "Why not/"

I decided this summer to do what my mom used to do years ago...change the curtains in my family room for the summer.  Normally, I have heavy red drapes hanging there, which I like for the winter months but, I wanted to add lightness to the room.  So I changed the drapes to these light-weight chartreuse curtains.  Oh, I also changed some of the pillows too!  The room now has more of a summer feel.
I know I have shared my dining room table before but I still love the colors and the table runner is so cheery!  I love the blue vases also.
I am in the process of primping up my screen porch.  You will see what I mean when I, hopefully, share the process with you in a forthcoming post.  However, for now, I wanted to show you what a festive feel these paper lanterns can add to a space.  Aren't they fun?!

These plates do not necessarily exude "summer" but I liked mixing the new chartreuse flower plate with my old tea cups.  I thought the colors worked well together.
I mix-matched the cups and the saucers and liked the crazy effect that resulted!

I added beach sand and sea glass to make these chimney candles.  Can't go wrong with sea glass for a summery look!

Of course, you can't forget what summer is all about...going to the beach or pool and having fun!  I usually have a beach bag ready sitting by the front door so, I can just grab it when I am able to take off.  Remember to pack a towel, reading material, sunscreen, flop-flops, hat and a cover-up, AND, of course, something to eat and drink.  You'll be all set for the day!
Finally, every home needs a blue hydrangea for the ultimate summer touch!  Mine has been blooming all July and I'm loving it!

Well, thank you for the quick "hello".  As I have said, I truly hope you are having a wonderful summer enjoying friends and family and the weather.  Perhaps, these "touches of summer" have lifted your spirits!  I hope so!!

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