Garden Themed Bridal Shower

I was asked a while ago to help out with an intimate bridal shower.  The hostesses wanted me to make a few floral arrangements for the outdoor occasion.  Of course, I said, "Yes!"   A garden theme was chosen for the shower and off we went!   It was a fun collaboration with the exchange of ideas through phone calls and Pinterest Pins.  We, then, chose flowers that would convey the theme and fit into their budget.  We had a great time planning!

Well, the event finally arrived this past Saturday.  I had created the arrangements on Friday and on Saturday morning my husband helped me pack them into my car.  Here is what they looked like before being placed in the car for their journey.

We used large cardboard boxes with holes cut in them to hold the vases in place for the trip.  That system seemed to work very well.  Nothing fell least not in my car.  We had a small wind mishap at the venue but, we quickly fixed that problem :).
Originally, I was simply going to drop off the flowers but, I ended up helping out a little bit, which was a ton of fun.  There are always so many last minute things to do!!

Unfortunately, I only have pre-refreshment photos because right after I took these pictures, the skies opened up and poured rain all over everything!  Everything had to be wiped down and a few of the hanging decorations had to be fixed.  All was well in the end and the hostesses have promised me some post-refreshment photos in the future.  Hopefully, I will be sharing them with you soon.
Some of the flowers I used were Queen Anne's Lace, pink spray roses, pink carnations and in the larger arrangement I used pink hydrangeas also.  Mason jars were used for the smaller arrangements.  A birch vase and a trumpet vase were used for the other two arrangements.

I wrapped the top of some of the mason jars with ruffled cream-colored lace to add to the Victorian feel of the arrangements. I used leftover flowers to fill these mini vases that were a last minute addition to the tables.  Each table had a mason jar arrangement and two mini vases.  I like the addition of burlap on the tables.  I thought it was a very nice touch.
 I used  Lady's Mantle, burgundy astilbe and eucalyptus as "filler" flowers.

Here is the gift table...just in case you hadn't already guessed :).
  The Queen Anne's Lace look like firecrackers, don't you think?
This, of course, was the refreshment table (pre-refreshments).  We ended up placing the large arrangement, the medium arrangement and a mason jar arrangement on this table.  Something to consider when thinking about flowers or any decorations for your special events.  Often times, you need more flowers, and/or decorations, than you think!!  The green milk glass cake plate was a nice touch also, very rustic, garden party.
Don't you just love the lace banner?  That was made by one of the hostesses...very pretty and Victorian looking.
The portable tent ended up saving the day.  With the surprise of rain, it was smart to have planned for any misfortune.  Such a shame that it rained so hard!!  I hear everything worked out well, however.  I'm so glad since so much work went into the event.
You will have to stay tuned because I am doing the flowers for the wedding too!

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