Thinking Thanksgiving and Etsy Finds

Now that November is here, it is time to start thinking about Thanksgiving.  I happened to be browsing on Etsy one night and thought I would look and see what the "shops" might be offering in regards to Thanksgiving.  As it turns out, they are offering quite a lot.  If you haven't discovered Etsy yet, (I'd be surprised it you haven't.) you really need to check it out.  You can find almost anything you are looking for and it is so much fun seeing how creative and talented people can be.  Also, it is a great way to find interesting accents to add to your holidays while, at the same time, letting someone else do the creative work, leaving you time to devote yourself to other things...maybe more time to visit with your friends and family.  Who knows?

Here are some of the items I found: 

I thought the best way to start the Thanksgiving holiday would be to place a seasonal wreath on the front door.  I found this wreath at the Etsy shop-- VirginiasPainting .  I think it is so pretty and just the right colors for Thanksgiving.  The shop offers all sorts of beautiful wreaths.  You'll love checking them out!

I found this banner at Etsy's snippetsandstrings.  I love the scraps of fabric and think this banner would look perfect hanging from a fireplace mantle or a china cabinet.  Don't you?  Maybe you have the perfect spot for it in your home.

I love these burlap and fabric pumpkins.  I know pumpkins are usually for Halloween but, thankfully, {pun not intended} they carry over to Thanksgiving.   These little guys are from the Etsy shop Amyloowho10.  You could put them just about anywhere in your home; a coffee table, a dining table or in the entry hall.  They are multi-purposeful!

These wooden turkeys from hillbillyandme  make me laugh. Aren't they cute?  Sometimes you just need a laugh when it comes to the holidays, with all the stress of cooking the perfect meal :).  

This baby onesie is from getthepartystarted.  It is so adorable!  Do you have a newborn in the family?  If so, I am sure you are very thankful!  Wouldn't this onesie be fun for her or him to wear?

This message sign from farmhousechicsigns really made me think.  I know I am guilty of taking many things for granted and not being grateful enough.  Perhaps, you will find a sign from this shop that speaks to you, as well.

Finally, since I have a very small Etsy shop of my own, I thought I would share my Thanksgiving Turkey Favor Bags with you, as well. I think they would look pretty nice included in a Thanksgiving tablescape filled with nuts or candy; adding to the overall festive feel of the day.  AND, I really loved how the sparkle glitter paint added an extra punch to their look.

Well, there you mini Etsy Thanksgiving tour.  I think it is important for you to know that I chose all of these items randomly on the merit of the quality and scope of the work.  I do not know any of the shop owners personally, although I have been in touch with each one and feel as though I know them a little bit better now.  I simply thought their products were beautifully made and very appealing.  (P.S. Click onto the name of the shop to find out more about the product or the Etsy shop.)

  I hope you have fun browsing Etsy for yourselves and discover some finds of your own!

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