Decorating the Tree

With all that had been going on with my baby grandson, Matthew, who is doing very well (yay!!), we had put getting a Christmas tree on the back burner. We finally found a block of time last weekend so, we hooked up the trailer and took off down Route 119 to find a tree. It only took visits to four different Christmas tree nurseries this year to find the perfect tree.  (I think the average most years is five or six.). Tom and I decided to buy a slightly shorter tree this year since we are so far behind on our Christmas decorating.  Our normal 10+ foot tree takes A LOT of time and effort to decorate so, this slightly shorter tree was just right.

Adding the lights changes everything, don't you think?

 Next came the garland.  I criss-crossed gold and white ribbon around the tree this year.  Oh, and we added our angel. I keep wanting to buy a replacement for the angel because her hands creak a little as they move but, that didn't happen this year. So, she will have to do for another season :).

Then, of course, came the ornaments

 Like you, I have many, many ornaments.  Many have special memories attached to them.  This purple glass ornament was a gift from a realtor when I worked as an administrative assistant at a realty office several years ago.  I've always thought it was beautiful.
 I don't remember where I got this ornament, most likely my mom.  She has given me dozens of lovely ornaments over the years. This is one of my favorites.
 I am pretty sure the sparkly Santa came from a garden club yankee swap.  Another favorite.

More treasures!

 Here is the finished product.  I just love it!  And, I don't mind that it is two feet shorter than usual.  I kind of like it even more!
 In the distance you can see my Christmas village, which I resurrected this year.  I hope to share that soon in a post.

I am so happy to have finally decorated my tree.  The living room looked very empty without it, even though I had all my other decorations in place.  It still is not the same until the tree is up and decorated.  Don't you agree?

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