Transitioning a Tablescape from Christmas to Winter

 After clearing away my Christmas decorations I realized I needed to take the "bland" out of my living room and do something festive with my dining table..  I looked around and thought there were some things left over from Christmas that I could use, as long as I added some elements that better represented winter.
I started with a white damask tablecloth as the base for my "tablescape". Next I found a mint colored tablerunner at Homegoods.  At first, I wasn't sure about the mint color.  It isn't a common decor color.  However, once I placed it on the table, I started to like it. It grew on me.

 The tablecloth and the runner alone did not seem to create enough texture for me so, I added some gray felt material to give the center of the table more depth.  I have been into gray lately.  I think much of the decorating world is as well but, I thought it worked here :).

Not being able to give up the barnboard piece of wood quite yet, I placed that on top of all the layers of fabric.  I still really like it!
I almost forgot another element I added.  Do you see the gray chevron strip?  That is ribbon I found in the after Christmas sale bin at JoAnn Fabrics.  I just love it.  I think it tied the fabric layers all together!
I used various styles of trees to fill in the tablescape and to create the winter look.  I figured it was still OK to use the trees.  After all, trees should work all through the winter, right?

I have been collecting these cardboard houses for the last two years.  I think I found them at Homegoods.  They are battery powered and light up; very pretty at night.  They took up just the right amount of space on the table. I hope because they are white they do not look too "Christmassy".

Most likely, this tablescape will only last for a few more weeks, anyway.  Then, I will start thinking about changing it up for Valentine's Day and, perhaps, even spring!  Until then I am going to enjoy the winter scenery!

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