Winter White Vignettes

It's winter and things are a little blah but, regardless of that fact, I am still drawn to and intrigued by the winter white colors of this time of year. I seem to be an "in the moment" kind of person and with the snow on the ground and the freezing temperatures outside, white seems to be it for me.  So, with that in mind, I thought I would share some of my winter white vignettes with you.

Every magazine in January tells us how to organize our lives.  Here is my attempt at organizing craft supplies.  Most likely this is where it will end but, I do love shadow boxes and I love filling them with all sorts of things.  Don't you?

Snow had fallen the night before I took this photo.  The snow landed on the the flower pods of a sedum plant which grows right outside my kitchen window.  I had debated earlier in the month whether to cut the plant down or not.  I'm glad I decided to keep the stems and faded blossoms intact. The temperature was below freezing so, the "poof balls" remained on the pods for most of the day.  I thought it looked like winter art.

This is a photo of my kitchen shelf as it was last January.  I really liked how it looked with the silver and clear glass. Very clean and neat. This year I have changed it up a little.  No matter how much you like something I guess you can never sit on your laurels when it comes to design!   

 This was a centerpiece I created years ago.  It was for a February event in my home.  My photography and staging skills have improved since then but, at least, there is some texture in the photo.

Curling up with a good book and some chocolate, what says winter better than that!?

It doesn't look like it but, this picture was taken a month ago in December of 2015.  This arrangement was made from the left-over flowers from my Christmas Wedding.  It was so warm that month that I was still able to take photos outside.  Such a bonus!

This was a hot chocolate station I set up one winter.  We had so much snow that year that I could use the snowbank next to my driveway as a table.  So much fun!  I am not able to set up a snowbank station this year, however.  So far, there are only four inches of snow on the ground.  Of course, a storm is predicted for later in the week.  We could get a foot!  Time to buy some marshmallows!

Finally, here is the kitchen shelf I spoke of earlier.  It is there in the background. This year I used treasured photographs in silver frames to take centerstage on the shelves.  It's an easy way to create a gallery wall without having to put nails in your walls.  I did use a few other items like the candlestick holder, plate and vase filled with dried gray berries to add a different kind of interest this year.  The orchid, in real life, is a bright fushsia.  It's quite lovely.

Well, there you have winter white vignettes.  Hopefully, as time goes by, I will gravitate to more color :).

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  1. I came from silver pennies---and I'm glad I did. Your photography is super, even the old stuff. A cocoa station in a snowbank, lol. What a fab idea, Thanks, sandi

    1. Thank you, Sandi. I really appreciate the encouragement!

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