My Non "She Shed" Shed

I am somewhat touchy about the term "She Shed" because, the truth is, I wanted a shed of my own long before it was popular to have a "she" shed.  I have been hoping and wishing for one for years but, when I started my floral design/event planning business a few years ago I really put the heat on my husband to build or buy me one.  Thinking that the styles of the pre-fab sheds would not go aesthetically well with our contemporary home, my husband decided he would build one for me.

This was all well and fine but, Tom, my husband, has a pretty demanding job and we are happily busy with our family and friends much of the time.  All of this meant that I would have to be quite patient for this project to be completed. Not something I was overjoyed about!  But, here we are  in October.  The shed was just getting started.  This was after holes were dug, concrete footings were poured and the structure was starting to take shape.  Yay!

 The walls and roof are going up.  I am starting to envision how the space is going to look.
My daughter, Brittany, came by this day to give her dad a hand.  She is partially invested in the shed, as well.  She helps me with my weddings and has a decided opinion as to how I should decorate the shed!
Tom is such a nice guy!  Working so hard for me!  And doing a great job!
Here we go.  It's starting to look like a real shed.  So exciting for me...and for Tom, for that matter.  I think by this time he was starting to drop hints that the place would make a nice place for his tools.  No way!  I have waited long enough!
The french door still needed to be put in place. Tom's nephew, Jimmy, came by to help him with that job.  So nice of Jim.  By this time in the process, we had received help from our son, Sam, my brother and sister-in-law, Bob and Judy, Jim, our nephew and of course, Brittany!  Can't forget her!  Bob and Judy were tried-and-true helpers. They helped Tom A LOT!  I have promised them an hors d'oeurve party in the shed when it is all done.  Can't wait to make good on that promise!
Here it is...I am starting to see the end in sight.


Isn't this cool?  At this point things were cooking along nicely with the shed. Tom had started building my workspace inside. This was in March and it had been a very warm month.  I felt confident enough to go to Sherwin-Williams and purchase some stain and everything.  I thought we'd be staining the outside of the shed soon.  And then, it happened...

We got two snowstorms!!  Ugh!!  The staining was going to have to wait!  (And yes, those are deer tracks in the snow, the little stinkers. Eating my shrubs!)

Here is my non "she shed" shed (I just can't call it that!) waiting to be stained inside and out.  Waiting to be decorated inside. Waiting for landscaping. Waiting for the finishing touches.  Waiting for me!

Originally, I was going to stop the story here, for a while at least. Things were stalled with the shed when I took this picture.  However, I never got around to publishing the story last week.  (It was a VERY busy week!  More about that later.)  In the meantime, the weather finally got warm and...

look what happened!  I'm soooo excited!  Still much to do but, we are getting there!

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