Tasting at the Barn at Gibbet Hill

It has been busy here at Mitchell & Company Designs and Events.  (For those of you who do not know, that is the official name of my floral design/event planning company.)  Busyness is why I have not posted anything recently.  I just didn't have time!  I guess, in a way, that is a good problem to have in business...too much to do.

I had two major events planned for April.  One was a big wedding in Boston...I will tell you about that event later this month...the other event was a wedding couples tasting at the Barn at Gibbet Hill.  That event took place on April 11, 2016. The Barn is in my hometown of Groton, Massachusetts and it one of the loveliest wedding venues in the state, in my opinion.  I reached out to the people at Gibbet Hill, just to let them know I was in town and that I did wedding floral design.  They asked me if I would be willing to donate eight centerpieces for their upcoming tasting.  Thinking it was a great opportunity for me and my business, I said, "Yes!"

So, I did A LOT of planning and purchased A LOT of flowers and got to work!
Part of the planning was to decide WHAT style of centerpieces I was going to make. To be honest, it caused me some stress thinking about it but, after a while, a devised a plan.  I made a centerpiece list and planned accordingly. 
 Early on I decided to make a centerpiece similar to the cocktail table centerpieces I did for my wedding in December, white with sparkles and all!
I feel it turned out to be quite beautiful.  I love the sparkles!  The flowers used were hydrangeas, roses, spray roses and ranunculus.  This was the centerpiece as it sat in my living room before being delivered to the Barn.

The centerpiece was to be placed at the regristration table but, the table had not been set up when I came to take my photos.  I had actually created a different centerpiece for the purpose of the registration table but, the folks at Gibbet Hill had other plans :).  I thought it would look really nice on a dining table.


When figuring out the different centerpieces I was going to make, I had  decided to do a few rustic, barn appropriate centerpieces, as well.  This was one such arrangement. The vase is made from birch bark and is a bit taller than my other centerpieces, giving it a different look from the lower vase arrangements.  Evidently, it was a favorite of one of the staff people because they took it home with them, which, of course, was great!
The flowers I used for this arrangement where white roses, white anemone (with the dark center), orange-red rosed, Juliet garden roses, sea holly, dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus.

This arrangement was my favorite.  I just loved it.  I loved the urn vase, the asymmetrical shape and the colors.  I used all sorts of flowers here.  I used Juliet garden roses, white anemones (green centers) mini green hydrangeas, white stray rose, pink rose, dusty miller and silver dollar eucalyptus.
I thought, in reality, this centerpiece looked even better outside, better than it did in the Barn but, that was not the purpose of the day!


This was another rustic centerpiece made of three separate, small arrangements placed on a tree trunk.

I think I will be doing a wedding in the fall which will have similar centerpieces.  Do you see the succulant on the mini tree trunk?  I really liked that look.  There was one in the birch vase, as well, if you want to check it out!

This arrangement was the one I had made originally for the registration table.  It was slightly taller than the other centerpieces and I wasn't sure if used as a table centerpiece,  
if i twould  be too tall for guests to see each other across the table.  I guess it was not a problem since this was another centerpiece that was missing the next day when I returned to the Barn for some of my supplies.  Sara, the event coordinator, had told me this was her favorite centerpiece :).  I think it may have gone home with her.

For this I used pink stock, burgundy ranunculus, orange-red roses, white hydrangea, white anemone, sea holly, wax flower and variegated pittosporum.  It had more of a rustic feel, as well, with the tin vase.  (I love those tin vases.)
Here it sat pretty on the table :).
I sneaked a peak at the appetizer menu.  It looked elegant and delicious!


Now that I think of it, I did do many rustic centerpieces.  After all, it is a barn!  I found this drawer container and just couldn't resist it!  
This arrangement had many of the other flowers I had already used except I added mini green hydrangeas.  


For some reason, I only have one photo of this centerpiece, which is too bad because if was really pretty.  The vase was a clear cube vase and it was filled with white hydrangeas, pink roses, white ranunuculus, dusty miller and pink stock.  This was more of a traditional centerpiece.  My thinking was that there are always brides who like the traditional look.
 I think it was this arrangement that prompted one of the couples to call me and ask if I would do the flowers for their wedding.  I meet with them in a few days!

Finally, here is my second favorite.  This arrangement was for the Sweetheart Table.  The coordinator had originally asked for a small centerpiece for this table but, I really wanted to do something special. I loved the flowing greens and the white and green color scheme. I thought it looked lovely on the table with the upholstered chairs in the background.  I am so happy I decided to go this way!
All in all, it was a great experience!  My only regret is that I didn't get photos of the whole room decorated for the evening.  I was a little intimitated because the staff was trying to get ready for the event and I didn't want to get in the way.  You'll just have to take my word for it, The Barn at Gibbet Hill is a wonderful place for a special event and the food is delicious!  I've been to a Christmas party there and the Gibbet Hill Restaurant next door is not to be missed!

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