Thanksgiving Centerpiece 2016

I know this is not the most timely post considering it is after  Thanksgiving but, I hope you don't mind if I talk about my Thanksgiving table centerpiece. I am late because everything was busy before the holiday, as I was hosting the big dinner at my house.  Then, as soon as the meal was done the weekend took right over with Christmas decorating and finding the right tree and family dinners.  I'm sure you understand.  I'm sure you were out doing "stuff" as well.  And finally, to add to the chaos, on Sunday my husband and I headed to NY City with my son, Sam, and his family in tow.  We drove caravan style all the way to New York.   Both of the guys were traveling to New York on business so we wives decided to make a family trip of it.  I'm still here in New York and hope to share some of my NY experiences with you soon but, for now it is on to my Thanksgiving Tablescape.

I really loved my Thanksgiving table this year and wanted to share it with you, even if I am a little late.  It is somewhat of a transitional tablescape anyway.  You might be able to use some of the ideas for your Christmas holiday season.  Maybe this post will be more timely than I thought...maybe?

Well here goes:

I started with my rickety old dining table.  I had to put a brown tablecloth on it to hide its many imperfections.  I then added a white burlap table runner down the middle with my ol' faithful barn board piece on top of the runner, as well.  I then placed some white mini pumpkins and one gray/blue pumpkin on the barn board to anchor the design.

I don't have many "in-between pics" but, they wouldn't have been that interesting anyway :).  After the pumpkins,  I added some mismatched dinner plates in Thanksgiving colors... just because I liked them and thought they added interest to the table.

I lined the barn board with seeded eucalyptus and created a centerpiece above in my glass chandelier.

You can see the white tulips opening up in the chandelier in the photo below.  I wanted to only use white flowers for this tablescape or so, I thought.

I ended up adding pinecones and...

Some eucalyptus pod flowers too!

Of course, there would be water and wine goblets.  It was Thanksgiving, after all!

You can also see the sparkling little pinecones in the centerpiece.  I found them at Homegoods and thought they gave the look a little glitz.

 Here is the vase centerpiece that hung above the table.  It didn't come out as colorful as I had hoped but, I did love the eucalyptus pod flowers I found at the farmer's market.  I thought they were soooo cool!  I tried to use them wherever I could.

Do you see the eucalyptus pods in the mix here?

I found some free printables on the blog ishouldbemoppingthefloor.  That's where I got the "Give Thanks" tags.  Check out the website.  It has some really neat printables you can use for all sorts of occasions.

This was the final look before we started adding butter dishes, salt and pepper shakers and bread platters but, you get the idea.  Seeded eucalyptus is very popular for Christmas so, you could use this same idea for your table if you'd like. You could throw in some red with mini poinsettias or pomegranates in place of the pumpkins.  Even red Christmas balls would work and you wouldn't have to worry about their life span as much as you would for flowers or fruit.  Creativity is the key!
So there you have it, my Thanksgiving Tablescape.  My family seemed to enjoy it.  I hope you do too!

I am terribly sorry if there are any grammatical errors in this post.  I am quickly writing so I can meet my family and go see more of New York City!  I'll be in touch soon!

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