The Official Photos From Keri and John's Wedding!

Since we are in between Halloween and Thanksgiving and are in a bit of a lull holiday-wise, I thought I would brighten things up and share some of  the professional photos from the wedding I did back in August for Keri and John. You can read my previous posts about their wedding here and here if you would like. Keri shared the photos with me several weeks ago but, I haven't had a chance to write about them until now.  It was so nice of Keri to do that and allow me to share the wedding and the flowers by way of professional photography. Nothing really compares to professional photographs and I truly appreciate them.

All of the following photographs were created and provided by Benoit & McCarthy Photography. Thank you to them for this wonderful visual opportunity.

The bridal party bouquets as they were being delivered to The Commons 1854 in Topsfield, MA:

The wedding ceremony and reception both took place at The Commons.

Here is the lovely bride~~Keri.
Her bouquet of white calla lilies

Keri was very blessed to have two Dads walk her down the aisle.

The bridesmaids bouquets~all ten of them!

Bridesmaid holding her bouquet as well as the bride's bouquet during the ceremony

The happy couple:  Keri and John

The Bridal Party

Wedding Cake with Flower Topper

Cake Cutting

The Sweetheart Table

The fireplace mantle decorated with bridal bouquets

Centerpiece Table 14

Centerpiece Table 9

The Ballroom

I want to thank Keri and her mom, Debbie, for making the planning of this wedding such a joy.  We had great meetings together. They were so much fun to work with!  Have a wonderful life, Keri and John!

Joining the Party at:

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