A Price-less Christmas Treasure Collection

Wow!  Ten days before Christmas!  If you are like me, you are VERY busy with the shopping, the wrapping of gifts and the festivities of the season.  Thankfully, I finished decorating my house a week ago and have thoroughly been enjoying it.  Seeing the Christmas decorations around the house that are so special to my family and me, really adds so much to my holiday season.  I am sure you have Christmas "treasures" in your home, as well.  So in that spirit, I thought I would share a few of mine with you.

My daughter, Amanda, gave me this set of whimsical Christmas plates from Pottery Barn a few years ago.  They feature Santa's eight reindeer and they make us laugh every year.

I love sparkly ornaments of any kind. I found these at Costco and usually find a place for them in my Christmas décor...somewhere.  This year they are accents on my dining table.

Here are is the set of Christmas dinnerware I inherited from my Dad.  I think of him every year with love when I arrange them on the shelves in my kitchen.  The festive guy next to the plate is a trinket I purchased years ago from The Christmas Tree Shop, back when the store was locally owned and you found things such as this for peanuts. Plus, amazingly, they were of pretty good quality too! 

More funny Christmas treasures that do not have monetary value but, make me laugh and are part of the scene at my house at Christmas

This basket of Christmas bear napkin rings was given to me by my old friend, Karen, so many years ago that I have lost count.  We met in Maine when Tom and I moved there as newlyweds.  She and her husband, Jim, were among some wonderful friends we were lucky enough to know when we were first married and starting out.  This set of napkin rings has found a place in my home ever since.  They are a remembrance of that very special time.

This old vintage Christmas mug really is not my memory but, that of my husband, Tom's.  His mother made it for him while taking a ceramics class when he was a child.  Coming from six children, we are very thankful that this family heirloom made its way to our house.  I think the inscription of "Tommy" on the mug made it easy to see who the rightful owner was!  :).

These decorations are ones that I made to sell at a Christmas bizarre a few years ago.  Obviously, they didn't sell but, I am just as glad.  I really think they are cute!

My set of Byers' Choice Christmas Carolers

 More of the set of Santa's reindeer dishes and glasses 

 I've shared my Christmas village before.  Most of it is made up of inexpensive Christmas houses but, everyone loves to look at it just the same.

 This "Greetings" picture was a more recent find from The Christmas Tree Shop.  I guess you can still find "treasures" at a great price there!

And, of course, how can there be Christmas without the Nativity, the greatest treasure of all?

I believe this is the Angel, Gabriel.  His trumpet has been glued back in place several times over the years but, he is still one of my favorite heirlooms.

 More of the Christmas Village~~I took the ski tram out of storage this year.  It has been a big hit with the kiddos!

Every year I decorate the big tree in the living room with our treasured collection of ornaments.  There are some ragamuffin ones, as well as, very nice ones.  They all have a place on this tree.  I found this "Joy to the World" ribbon at Michael's this year.  I just love it!

I'm sure you have treasures of your own; ones that you lovingly take out of their packaging and set in a very special place in your home; ones that your family looks forward to seeing every year. Shamefully, I have many more than I have shown you today :).

This year I told my daughter, Amanda, that I was going to ramp down the Christmas decorating. I felt it was getting to be too much.  She had such a sad look on her face that I couldn't do it.  So, the traditions continue and the price-less treasures still make their way back to their special places...at least for one more year!

I hope your shopping, decorating and celebrating is going well and that you are enjoying the season.

Today is a shopping day for me :).

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