Letting the Lights Shine at Christmas

Well, it is almost Christmas and if you are like me you are pretty busy with everything that goes along with the season.  Hopefully, your shopping is done and you only have the "last minute" things to do.  This will be my last post before Christmas and I wanted to share the "lights of Christmas" before the all important day had passed. 

One of the things I enjoy most about Christmas is decorating my house.  I think you may already know that about me if you follow this blog at all.  Adding Christmas lights inside and outside of the house is a big part of my decorating. As I add Christmas lights all around my house there seems to be a crescendo of brightness that leads the path to Christmas Eve and Christmas itself.  I think this crescendo of light can be thought of as literal and/or symbolic and truly enhances the overall Christmas season.

Nothing says, "Welcome!", like a wreath on the front door and adding lights only makes the welcome better!

Please come in.

Welcome to the living room which has many windows and glass sliding doors so the reflection of light looks especially pretty (I think) at night.

I purchased these Moscow Mule mugs this year for myself and I have absolutely love the copper color sitting on the tray on my ottoman in the living room.  The lights of the Christmas tree reflect off the copper making me love them all the more!

More Christmas lights!

I know I have shared this photo of my Nativity before but, you just can't show the lights of Christmas without showing where all the "light" comes from, can you?


We have lights outside of our home, as well.  This photo was taken right after our last snowstorm. It was nice of Mother Nature to give us the added scenery :).

I share this photo only because it shows my lonely bird feeder.  I wish you could see how many birds this one little feeder brings for me to see while I'm doing the morning dishes.  By that, I mean, putting them in the dishwasher.  Watching the birds is amazing and fun all at the same time!

Now we can move from the front of my house over to my shed in the side yard.  Since I have been totally involved with the inside of my house it has been my husband's job to set up the lights in the shed.  We place a lit Christmas tree in the shed because it can be seen from the road as travelers pass through our little town. 

Tom does a very nice job and I love looking out to my shed every night from the window in my warm house :).  He even puts electric candles in the windows.

Looking in from the outside.
You can't see very well in this photo but, there is a homemade Nativity on the table.  Each person and animal of the Nativity is made of fabric.  My mom made it and gave it to me years ago.  It's rustic style made it perfect for the shed. 


One more place to look and that is the barn.  We decided to go simple with the decorations this year for a change.  I like how the barn turned out.   I feel it is saying, "Peace on Earth".

( The white hanging ribbon looks better in the context of day :).  The ribbon streams down from the window boxes which are filled with evergreen clippings.)

I hope lights are shining for you this Christmas...inside and out...if you know what I mean ;-).

Wishing You All a Merry, Merry Christmas!!

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