Displaying the Red, White and Blue

Last week I knew that I would be spending the Fourth of July at our little cottage on Cape Cod.  So, before I left for the weekend, I decided to take some patriotic pictures I could share on my Instagram account for the holiday.  I was expecting a lot of guests and knew I wouldn't have the time or the opportunity to create a proper scene for my patriotic pictures.  The following were a few photos I had taken to choose from before I left for the weekend.

As I had expected, my weekend was VERY busy.  Lots of fun, but very busy!  All my children and grandchildren came to visit.  What a wonderful time we had...lounging around on the beach...eating lots of food...and making new memories to go along with the millions that we already have made over the years.  It was great but, I didn't have much time for blogging!

 Since it was the holiday for patriotism, I decided that I would take a walk around the block on the afternoon we were leaving to go home.  I really hadn't had time to check out the neighborhood before then and wondered what my neighbors had done to decorate their homes.  Below is a photo of my cottage.  The trim on the house actually lends itself to Independence Day colors.  We always have a flag waving and the flowers I choose for the window boxes are usually red, white and blue, although the blue ones don't seem to be blooming yet ;/.

Of course, I had to have a patriotic bouquet hanging around, as well :).

This is a great place to sit a spell and watch the cars going by.  We live on a fairly busy street.  Thankfully, we have a corner lot and the side street is very quiet.  All of this seems to even everything out ☺.

So, anyway,I grabbed my daughter, Brittany, her puppy, Lucy, and my cellphone and took off to take some patriotic photos.

What I discovered was that the decorations were pretty reserved around my neighborhood; respectful but a bit reserved.  I am not really sure why.  I remembered in years past there were many more colorful decorations around the neighborhood.  Perhaps, it was the fact that the holiday came in the middle of the week and not everyone was able to stay for a five-day vacation as we had. I have to admit we were very fortunate to be able to take extra time off.  It made for a nice mini-vacation.

I do love this house with its flag banner. So cute! It looks like there was a bird on the lawn admiring it
 also :).

As I said...the decorations were somewhat reserved.  Everyone's home looked quintessential Cape Cod with their cedar shakes and window boxes, however.  I love that!

I really liked this house with the white and black trim and the blue hydrangea.  I thought it looked lovely with the flag flying in the breeze.

This is one of my favorite little houses in the neighborhood.  They always have the front door decorated so nicely.

This home seemed to represent little town America to me with a lone American Flag hanging happily in the wind.

As we turned the corner to go back home, Brittany said, "Mom, take a picture of your own house.  Yours has the most red, white and blue!"  That was nice of her to say.  I had to admit from what we had seen on our walk, she was kind of right.  It is a humble little place but, we do display our Red, White and Blue with pride ;).

I sure hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday and have made many new memories of your own!

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