My Red, White and Blue Garden

Hi there!  It has been a few weeks since my last post and I am not sure where the time has gone.  All I know is that is has been busy in my little life, as I am sure it has been in yours.  Lately, I have been trying to get my yard ready for the summer.  I have a few meetings coming up having to do with my floral design business and I wanted the yard to look nice.  It is hard work and I am pretty sure that is where my time has gone~

However, nothing I have done so far in the garden is really photograph-worthy.  I am still trying to get the gardens established after the winter damage and dealing with some missing plants due to vole devastation!  Every year has a new challenge.  It just so happens that I found some pictures of my garden from a few years ago and thought I would share them with you.  This will have to suffice until this year's garden starts to look pretty.  I am hoping these photos will give me, and perhaps you, some summertime inspiration.

As I said, this is my side garden from a few years ago.  The photos were taken in June but, it looks like I was getting ready for the Fourth of July, judging from all the flags.

Every year I plant this garden in red, white and blue because I have red Adirondack chairs on the deck, which sits next to this garden.

However, this year I decided to change it up.  I thought it was time to go with a different color scheme.  I like changing things every now and then but, after seeing these photos I am beginning to regret my decision.  The fact that I have been having a terrible time finding the right kind of flowers for my new color scheme hasn't helped.

The new color scheme is blue (always blue, because I love it so much in the garden!), orange, gray, white and touches of purple because true blue is hard to find in garden flowers.  I will need to downplay the red chairs to make this work; I am afraid.

It looks like I used a large assortment of flowers in this garden.  From the front of the garden to the back I used blue lobelia, white and red begonias, green and red coleus, white and red snapdragons, some fever few and tucked in the back is Jacob's Ladder.

I see some foxglove in the back, as well.

I forgot that there is perennial lady's mantle in the garden also.  The plants don't seem to be as healthy this year and I am wondering if the voles have been eating the roots over the winter.  They really can be a pain!

This was one of the planters I put together for the side deck.  Now, I am really rethinking my decision to change up the colors!  This planter looks so pretty!

  If my idea to change up the colors turns out to be a bust, I am not sharing the pictures with you guys.  I will keep this little disaster to myself :).  We will see what happens.  I should know in a month or so.

Until then, I will keep working on my garden.  What colors have you been using in yours?  I'd love to hear what has worked best for you.


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  1. So summery, I love it! Thanks for sharing on To Grandma's House We Go!

  2. Sucj and inspiring garden Christine. I hope your summer garden rewards you this year with a much beauty. Thank you for sharing it at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring your red, white and blue garden at tonight's party and pinning too!

  3. Your yard is beautiful! I'd love to sit and hang out there. Love the patriotism too!