Just A Little Mason Jar Tutorial

I feel a bit funny sharing this tutorial.  It is pretty elementary but, perhaps, some of you haven't thought of doing something this simple with supplies you have at home.  So, for that reason and because I said I would share this tutorial, here goes:

I found these polka-dot mason jars at Jo-Ann Fabrics in the clearance aisle and fell in love with them.  I thought they would be perfect for the wedding I did a few weeks ago.  I added the twine to the jar because the wedding was a rustic wedding and twine just screams, "Rustic!"

Here is the end result of the "polka-dot arrangement."   When this photo was taken it was just about ready to be loaded into the SUV for delivery.  If you'd like to read about that adventure click here.  I thought the arrangement turned out really lovely.  It has turned into one of my favorites.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do a step-by-step tutorial at that time.  I was focusing deeply on the wedding then.

However, things have simmered down and now I have the time... so here goes:

Of course, you need twine.   The one I used was at least a 4 ply twine.  I've thrown away the packaging since the wedding but, that is my best guess.

So, as you can see, as well as, imagine, you simply wrap the twine around the jar several times to achieve the desired look and then tie it into a knot or a bow, whichever you like best.  You could tie beads or metal buttons from the end of the twine for a different look if you'd like also.  (There really are all sorts of things you could do!)

For the wedding I wrapped the twine around the jar many more times than the above jar.  For this application I wanted to see part of the "Ball" sign on the jar.  There you have it...the mason jar tutorial!  I told you it was very simple :)!
However, you can get creative and embellish the idea as I decided to do here. I found this "cork" ribbon in my craft supplies and thought it might look nice wrapped about the mason jar and tied with twine, as well.  This method gives a more textured look, don't you think?  The choices are endless when it comes to ribbon.  Any kind or color would work for this. I even thought of trying some fancy metal ribbon I owe but realized it would work better with a smooth vase or flower pot.  I'll try that at another time.  
The embellished mason jar looked so cute I decided to go to the grocery store and grab some flowers to make a quick and cute arrangement for my kitchen counter.  You could also use the empty mason jars for a party and fill them with utensils or straws or anything else you can think of!
The final arrangement was not as fancy or as special as the wedding arrangement, of course.  These flowers came from the grocery store and were very economical compared to the wedding arrangement, which makes them perfect for adding a little something to your home.  This brings me back to why I wanted to share this "Little Mason Jar Tutorial" in the first place. I wanted to show you how you can use everyday items, spend a little money and take a little bit of your time to create something that will give you and your family days of joy.  For me, that's part of what it's all about! 

 Here's wishing you create something phenomenal for your home!

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