Kiddie Foam Sticker Easter Wreath Party

This was a very impromptu party I put together last minute.  It was a "get together" for a group of children.  Their ages ranged from three to nine.  Oh, yes and we had a 3 1/2 month old baby join us, as well.  She wasn't able to make a wreath, of course, so we made one for her!

I got the idea for this craft from my garden club.  Our club organizes crafts for a local nursing home throughout the year and the member of the club in charge of these activities always comes up with some really neat ideas.  So, I stole this one and used it for some of the little ones in my life.

To make the wreath shape I traced two dinner plates, one smaller that the other (the smaller one inside).  The colors of the wreaths were supposed to match kids' favor colors.

I also purchased Easter themed foam stickers.  The idea is to arrange the stickers on the wreath form to make a colorful
and fun Easter Wreath.

I added some regular stickers to the mix for

I was going to have the kids decorate these egg shapes
also but, I quickly found out that elderly ladies have
a  much longer attention span than young children do.  The kids
were done after about five minutes!! 

I even added a decorated Easter Tree to create a
festive atmosphere but, by this time, they were
drawing pictures on the chalkboard I have in my basement!

Here are some of the
wreaths the kids (and parents) made.
We hot glued a ribbon to the top for hanging. 

I think in the end, everyone had fun.  Next time I might have to try to think of other ways to keep the kids entertained, however!

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