"Tree Bark" Favors

I recently helped out with an engagement party by creating "tree themed" party favors.  The groom is an arborist and the "tree theme" seemed very appropriate.  I was hoping to come up with a one-of-a-kind idea.

I stamped squares of packaging paper with a tree bark stamp.  I'm allowing them to dry here.

I created diaper-like pockets, punched two holes in the folds of the paper and tied them with burgundy ribbon.

I found a "Pine Bark" recipe on line.
How appropriate!

This is a mixture of butter, brown sugar and almond extract.  This gets baked in the oven for 4-6 minutes.

Then you melt milk chocolate bars on the top.

Here's the result.  The "Pine Bark" was delicious!

Placed the "bark" in clear baggies and tied with string.  Don't they look cute?!
Ready for display...almost!

The display needed something else.  I added yellow flowers in water tubes to keep them fresh.
I loved how these favors came out!

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