Saying Goodbye to a Beautiful Summer

Here it is almost Labor Day and I am so sad to see the summer end.  For me, it has been a wonderful summer.  I feel like God has blessed us with great weather because of the terrible winter we experienced months ago but,...who knows?  I don't know if it works that way but, I am grateful anyhow!

Don't get me wrong, I love fall.  It is my second favorite season but, summer holds the number one spot for me.  I love the weather, the carefree style, the cookouts, the beach, the getting together with friends and family, no school...the whole bit!

So, as I am getting ready to say "goodbye" to summer, I thought I would share some moments from my summer season and cherish them before they are gone.  Perhaps, you have had some special moments you would like to reflect on, as well.  I, certainly, hope you do!

 I don't think summer officially starts for me until the Fourth of July.  We never seem to get our summer act together until then.  This year we spent the Fourth of July evening at a near by beach where we enjoyed private fireworks going off all up and down the beach coastline.  It was a blast!  (I guess literally and figuratively :) )  There were fireworks shooting off on either side of us with people scoring them as they exploded.  We laughed a lot!  My daughter and son-in-law had come for a visit and we enjoyed a great time being together.

 We travel back and forth to our little cottage on the Cape most of the summer.  Cape Cod holds a special place in my heart because that is where I grew up.  Thank you to my husband for making the dream of a summer Cape home a reality :) !!

We loved riding our bikes by this windmill everyday and looking over the river.  It is pure Heaven!

 Of course, the Cape and summer wouldn't be the same without the beach!  I'm going to miss that too.  I always hope to get ONE MORE VISIT in after the Labor Day holiday but, it rarely works out.  Commitments and all, you know :).

More scenery from the Cape.
I told you about our visit to the wine vineyard in Truro.  Definitely a fun trip!

Here is the view from one of our favorite restaurants, Tugboats in Hyannis, MA.  We've had many happy nights sharing a meal with loved ones here.

And, summer wouldn't be the same for me without beautiful flowers. Here is one of my all time favorite summer hydrangea.  This photo was taken from my very own garden.  Such a treat!
Took the fast ferry (that was on our to-do bucket list for this summer) to Nantucket and rented a scooter.  Saw most of the Island but, boy were our butts sore!

Last but not least, we were able to go to Fenway to see our beloved Red Sox play the Yankees.  We were not sure we were going to be able to make a game this year but, my daughter and son-in-law offered us tickets and off to the ballpark we went!  The Sox have had a really lousy season this year.  They are in last place, of all things but, going to Fenway is always a joy.  It's like being part of a Norman Rockwell painting.  It is good old-fashioned Americana!

Well there you have it...part of my summer experience.  You probably can see why I am sad to see summer go.  I am sure you have stories and experiences of your own that you will hold in your heart, as well.  I have friends and family who were able to go to the Zac Brown Band concert at Fenway Park.  They told me it was the highlight of their summer.  Some friends rented cottages in Maine, some joined a local pool.  Whatever your special time was I truly hope you are able to cherish the memories...for a little bit, anyway.  Every year I wish I had kept a summer journal so, I would remember what we did and who we saw.  Maybe next year!

After this weekend, it will be onward to fall with scarecrows, pumpkins cornstalks and apples!  I guess I really can't stay blue for very long.  It is truly wonderful to live in New England with all its changing seasons.  So, that is what I am going to do...look forward to fall!!  I hope you will too!

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