Special Delivery (Jenny and Ben's Wedding Continued)

The journey of Jenny and Ben's wedding at The Whitney Inn at Jackson, for me, continued on the morning of September 12, 2015.  (To see the first part of the journey look here.)  The flowers needed to be delivered by 1:30 PM and Jackson, NH was almost three hours away!

So, my husband, Tom, carefully loaded up our SUV with flowers, coolers, boxes and our lunch.  (No stops were allowed!  We had precious cargo!)  We cranked up the A/C to keep the flowers fresh and off we went!

 The ride to Jackson was absolutely beautiful.  The day was sunny and clear and the temperature was warm, not overly so...just nice.  We wielded our way up through New Hampshire, driving over the top of Lake Winnipesaukee and on to Conway, NH.  We found a back way through North Conway to avoid the Saturday traffic which worked out well and was a neat discovery for future trips.  The Whitney Inn was off the beaten track, making the ride even lovelier.  New Hampshire really is a charming state, especially in late summer and  early fall.
                                                                Photograph courtesy of Jackonnh.com
We arrived at the inn right on time.  Jenny and her bridesmaids were finishing up with lunch.  They were sitting outside the rustic cottage Jenny had rented at the inn, wearing matching plaid shirts. So cute! Tom and I started unloading and delivering the bouquets and arrangements.

For the car ride, I had placed the bouquets in vases with a small amount of water to keep them hydrated.  When I got to the inn, I needed to take the bouquets out of the vases and wipe off the stems and place them into these pretty boxes.  I wanted the delivery to have a rustic feel to go along with the wedding.  I think the boxes worked well :).

Here you can see all the various flowers up close.  Some of the flowers used were hydrangea, white anemone, Star of Bethlehem, dusty miller, white roses, spray roses and various greens.

This was the bride's bouquet with all the whites and greenery she had asked for.

This was the Mother-of-the-Bride Corsage ready for delivery.

 Next, I gave the boutonnieres to the wedding coordinator.  He said he would pin them on the guys for me, which was very nice of him.  I never did see the groom or his groomsmen.  I guess they were off having a good time!
This was the grooms boutonniere.  I had saved one of the cherished anemones for him!  Check the first wedding post for the whole story :).

 Sorry for the quality of the photographs.  These were the only ones I was able to get.  Everything was so rushed at the end I forgot to take better photos.  

The bouts were pretty neat, though.  I liked the twine wrapped around the stems.
With the bouquets delivered to the bride and her bridesmaids, I went on to help Diane, the mother of the bride.  She was in charge of decorating the wedding arbor and I had gotten a phone call  during our ride up from my daughter, Brittany, (one of the bridesmaids) asking me to give Diane some help.  She was a little overwhelmed at that point.  I was more than happy to offer any assistance I could.  However, as it turned out, she had many volunteers and everything turned out looking lovely.  No need to worry.  Weddings are all so beautiful! 

My final job was to place the restroom arrangements in the barn bathrooms and then Tom and I were off...again!

We had brought overnight suitcases with us just in case we decided to stay in the area for the night.  But, to be honest, I hadn't slept all that well the two previous nights and I was exhausted.  Instead, we decided to visit The Mount Washington Resort, a place we had always wanted to investigate.  Our excursion was well worth the trip.  We spent the rest of the afternoon checking out the hotel, sitting on the expansive veranda and having some refreshments. What a great day!  We told ourselves we would have to come back at another time and spent a few nights.  That is going on the bucket list!!

I am still hoping I will be able to share the rest of the journey with you.  Hopefully, someone will offer me a few of the official photographs from the wedding! 

 ~Stay Tuned~

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