A Pink and Cream Wedding

This is my final installment (until the professional photos appear) of the journey of the flowers for Keri and John's wedding on August 19, 2016 at The Commons 1854 in Topsfield, MA.  You can see the other installments here and here.  I am really excited about sharing these last photos of the reception ballroom.  For the first time since I have been doing weddings, the venue had actually set-up the room completely.  I was able to get photos that showed the room as the guests were to see it as they entered the room.  I was very excited about that opportunity.

As you can see, the ballroom at The Commons is absolutely stunning.  The ceilings of the room are very, very high with the added feature of a balcony.  The ballroom is painted pristine white with gold trim.  Quite lovely when arranged with these gold cane-like chairs.
My team got right to work delivering the centerpieces and placing them on the dining tables.  I was working on the Sweetheart Table, which needed last minute assembly.  You'll see that in a minute.

As you can see the tables coordinated beautifully with the centerpieces with pink table markers and pink napkins. 

Here is the Sweetheart Table.  I loved the look of it.  I hadn't, however, anticipated a half table being used for the sweetheart table.  I had planned the arrangement for a fully round table. Thankfully, all the flowers fit nicely.  Phew!  I loved the mixture of greens with the pinks and creams.

There were enough invited guests that the balcony needed to be utilized for this wedding. What lucky guests!  They had the best view in town.

Sorry to show so many similar photos but, I told you I love the view :).

Some lucky guests were seated next to the fireplace.  Pretty awesome!

The chandeliers in the ballroom are breathtaking.  I wish photos had been taken of the chandeliers in the cocktail reception hall, as well, but the wedding party was assembling there and we needed to get out of the way.  The chandeliers in the cocktail reception area are equally stunning, only with a contemporary flair.  The whole venue is just gorgeous!

Oh, and I forgot to mention white ranunculus.  How could I forget this beautiful, soft, fluffy flower ?!

Here is the Sweetheart Table again.  As I was planning for the wedding I wasn't sure how the "Mr. and Mrs." sign was going to look in front of my arrangement but, in the end, I loved it!


I have to end with one of my favorite photos of the day.  Of course, it is from the balcony!  Thank you to Brittany for being my photographer for this event.  Just one of the many jobs I gave her :)!  My whole team was terrific!  Thank you guys for all your hard work!!

Finally, it was time for us to leave.  Our work was done.  We had surveyed the scene and now it was time  for the guests to come and celebrate the bride and groom and to "get the party started"!

Congratulations Keri and John!!

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