Welcoming in Fall Colors

I am a little late in getting a post out this week.  I think I may still be in summer mode or, perhaps, I am simply trying to catch up from the carefree schedule of summer.  I think the latter is probably more correct.  I've been doing laundry, cleaning up, trying to give SOME attention to my poor dismal garden.  All of these things are done haphazardly (at least for me) in the summer.  On top of all that, I am doing another wedding in two weeks.  Yay!!  It's going to be great but, it has been busy.

I had a meeting set with my next bride this week and I was very excited because I was finally able to have the meeting in my new shed.  It was great!  There were no distractions and the setting was really nice.  I even set out a plate of peanut butter, chocolate dipped cookies for something to munch on. They weren't homemade but, they looked yummy none-the-less.

  Since we were going to be talking about wedding flowers, I wanted to have a bouquet of flowers displayed on the table. I am a floral designer, after all.  Flowers always add a little something to a room that nothing else can.

I went out to my local farmstand to see what they had available for flowers.  I had gone the day before to look at Wholefoods but, wasn't impressed.  No offense to Wholefoods, I usually love what they have but, I think the holiday weekend had depleted their supply and there wasn't anything that sparked my interest. The same was somewhat true at the farmstand but, I did happen upon these beautiful sunflowers and I was sold!  Sunflowers make a statement all on their own.If you have followed my blog you know I love summer and have not been willing to give it up quite yet.  However, when I saw these wonderful sunflowers, something I CANNOT seem to grow in my garden, I started thinking, "Fall".  Since the wedding is in two weeks and the colors are fall colors, I guess that is a good thing.

Don't you just love the burgundy mums mixed in with the yellow and green of the sunflowers?  I do.

Hmmm, I didn't seem to center the arrangement on my tree trunk, did I?  Sorry about that.  You can see the sunflowers had started to fully open in this photo.  I had forgotten how lovely sunflowers really are.  I am so into blues, whites and pinks in the summer that I hadn't transitioned into fall yet.  I'm not sure what is holding me back.  Fall colors are gorgeous and I think it is time.  (I say this as it is 85 degrees outside and I think the humidity might be at 100%!)

Anyway, the meeting with my bride went well and all our plans are set.  This photo ended up being my favorite of the day.  I decided to share it on Instagram.  If you'd like, you can check it out .  I can always use more followers :).

I hope to share the inside and story of my shed next week. It has been a long journey but, I am so happy it is finally getting done and  that I am able to use it for my business.  Truth be told, there are still a few things left to get done, like the little deck off the back but, that can wait.  I have slowly been adding decorations to the walls and bringing in my floral design supplies. It is starting to feel like "me".  My grandfather's old dining set is part of the decor, as well.  This is something that really warms my heart...but more about that next week......hopefully.  


Until then, I am going to enjoy the last bit of summer weather this weekend.  You guessed it.  I really am not ready to give up on summer quite yet but, who knows?  Maybe next week things will change :).

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