Update of the Non "She Shed" Shed

The last time I spoke about my shed it was last spring and it looked like this.  I had written about the construction of the shed and how it would eventually be where I would do my floral designing and, hopefully, host parties and workshops.  I also wrote about how I didn't want to call it a "she shed" because I had wanted a shed loooong before "she sheds" were in vogue. You can find that story here, if you would like.  Back then, the inside of the shed still had a long way to go.  It has taken a while but, the shed is finally at the stage where I can actually use it, although there is still a little more work to do.  You may have gathered that my husband and I are not speedy about getting projects done.  My daughter, Amanda, says that is because we can easily be pulled away if we are invited to do something that is more fun than working on the house, like going to the beach or meeting up with family for lunch. She could be right about that :).

Well, much has happened since my last shed post.  We put in some landscaping, most of which came from transplanted trees and shrubs from our own yard.  Since we have suffered a bad drought in our area this summer, the trees and plants have not done as well as I had hoped.  However, the impatients I planted in early June are finally filling in and adding some color to the front of the shed.  The little Japanese Maple to the left in this photo was one that came from the woods around our house.  They seem to transplant themselves all over the yard, which is great!  Free trees!

After adding an outside light fixture above the door, Tom and I (mostly Tom) moved onto the interior of the shed.  I guess I didn't chronical the progression of the interior of the shed with photos as well as I had with the exterior. All of these pictures are of the end result.  I guess that's OK since that is the best part.

After building a very long work bench for me along one side of the shed, Tom went about the work of painting the interior. The bench was painted a soft gray and the walls a simple white.  We added some lighting here and there, as well.  I loved this chandelier.  It was a find from Homegoods.  
When I needed lighting over the workbench Tom came up with this idea for a kind of "tract lighting".  It works wonderfully and keeps with my theme which is barn-chic.

I also wanted lighting over the work "island" and I found these rustic pendants also at Homegoods.  Apparently, no one wanted them because there were tons on display and the price just kept going down.  I could have purchased 20 of them if I wanted.  I really do not understand why no one wanted them. I think they are very cool!

I'm loving how the interior of the shed turned out. This is the "work" side of the shed.  It was designed for floral arranging and instruction.  I am hoping to host some kind of party or floral arranging workshop in the near future.  That's my goal!

[Please excuse the Snap-on stool in the background.  It belongs to my husband.  I want to get a prettier stool, one that matches the shed's decor but, the Snap-on one is very comfortable and works in a pinch.]


I was very excited because, after thinking it wasn't going to work out well in the space, I discovered that I was able to use my grandfather's dining table after all.  This table is of great sentimental value to me.  I remember many, many childhood Sunday dinners sitting at this very table.  I loved having dinner in the old colonial dining room of my grandparents' old colonial house while visiting with my grandparents, and, sometimes, my aunts, uncles and cousins.  I remember eating my grandfather's delicious sugar cookies.  More precisely, I remember the smell of my grandfather's sugar cookies. It filled up the whole house!

 Anyway, when it turned out that the table fit well in the shed, I was overjoyed!  It's great for meeting with my brides and it has worked for impromptu dinners, as well.

I have been slowly adding storage for supplies, etc.  I seemed to be drawn to this wire shelving.  It adds to the barn-chic style I was going for.

More wire "stuff" highlighting some of my favorite weddings and some of my marketing material.

I couldn't resist including this photo.  It is one of my favorites.  Thought this was kind of barn-chic, as well :).

As I said, I am slowly adding new elements to the shed.  I think it is going to be a long "work-in-progress" but, the decorating process is really fun so, I'm not complaining.  The "island" actually came from Harbor Freight and is supposed to be used as a woodworking bench but, it works perfectly as a center island for me.

My husband did a great job on everything in the shed but, especially on the workbench.  Isn't it awesome?!

The only big thing we have left to do on the project is to add a small balcony off of the sliding glass door. You can't see it from this photo but I have a view of the pond across the street from two sides of the shed. The balcony will really take advantage of the view.  I envision sitting there watching the cars go by and seeing the geese land on the pond.  I guess it will depend on how many times we are invited to have lunch with the kids as to how long it will take before the balcony is done!  No biggy.  You have to live life, right ?!

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful work space!! Very inspiring!

  2. Thank you, Amy. I am very excited! I've wanted this for a long time!

  3. I love it! I need a shed :)


    1. Thank you, Katie! I have to say I do love my shed!

    2. Thank you, Katie! I have to say I do love my shed!


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