Happy Valentine's Day 2017

I couldn't let Valentine's Day go by without wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day!  I have been off and running all day making Valentine deliveries to my loved ones and am just getting back home.  I hope you are having a wonderful day.


When you have little ones in the family, this is what Valentine's Day looks like :)!!  Lots of stuffed animals and candy!  These guys were part of the delivery.  You can't really see the candy in this photo but, it's there!

I also like to make little valentine arrangements for my daughters and daughter-in-law, just in case the men forget to buy flowers.  I threw some cupcakes into the mix for the guys, too.  Everyone gets covered!

My husband, sister and brother-in-law and I are going out for a Valentine's dinner tonight so, I have to go get ready but, I didn't want to miss this chance to wish all of you a very Happy Valentine's Day!!

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