Milk and Cookies and More!

I purchased this mug last week on sort of a whim.  I am not a big mug person but, my husband is a big milk and cookies guy and I liked the saying printed on the mug.  So, I thought, "Why not?".  It was on clearance anyway!  I liked how the mug has a spot for your cookie too, although the slot is only for a small cookie.  It's more for a Chip-ahoy kind of cookie.

Anyway, there must be one to two feet of snow outside my window and this little mug got me to thinking about how mugs have such a partnership with comfort food and comfortable settings and how this partnership affects many of us in a very positive way.

What could be more comforting than milk and cookies, right?

Flowers have always comforting for me so, I threw some of them in, as well.


Once I started going through my own mug collection I discovered another cookie-holding mug, one that I had forgotten about.  This one was handmade by my daughter for my husband.  She had taken a ceramics class and given that her dad has such a milk and cookies reputation, she thought a Cookie Monster mug was the perfect gift for him.

I thought a more fitting scenario for the mug was that of story-telling time.  I even found an old (very old) Cookie Monster book which seemed fitting, too.

The back of the mug shouts, "Cookies!"  Kind of cute :).  This cookie mug holds a much bigger cookie too.   Much more practical :).
Afternoon tea is another comforting scenario, of course.  I have to admit, although I am not a mug or mug beverage kind of person, at this time of year, even I can find myself craving a chai tea once in a while.

Looking through my mug collection I found it a little wanting so, I went to Homegoods to give the collection a bit of a boost.  I found this mug and loved the gold antlers.  Don't we love that gold is coming back?!

On this particular day, the left-over valentine candy was becoming very tempting.


This next mug usually comes out at Christmas time but, since I have already noted that there is a ton of snow outside, I thought Frosty still had a place at the mug table.  He is perfect for hot chocolate and...
for accompanying the building of a snowman.

This snowman kit comes with everything you need to build a snowman...except the snow.  We can easily supply that!

Finally, I offer this more sophisticated mug.  She's another Homegoods finds.  I envisioned her as more of an afternoon, letter writing sort of gal.  She is very classy with her gold rimming and gold dots.

A brownie was the comfort food of the day.

And a sweet smelling candle offered soothing comfort, as well.  The scent is mint chocolate.  It smells delightful!

The tiny paper birdhouse and ceramic flowers offer hopes of spring!  Something desperately needed at this time of the winter!


So there we have it---my mug parade.  Maybe I will turn into a mug kind of person, after all.  I guess we will see!

Hope you allow yourself a comfort time during some part of your day!

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