Just A Little Mason Jar Tutorial

I feel a bit funny sharing this tutorial.  It is pretty elementary but, perhaps, some of you haven't thought of doing something this simple with supplies you have at home.  So, for that reason and because I said I would share this tutorial, here goes:

I found these polka-dot mason jars at Jo-Ann Fabrics in the clearance aisle and fell in love with them.  I thought they would be perfect for the wedding I did a few weeks ago.  I added the twine to the jar because the wedding was a rustic wedding and twine just screams, "Rustic!"

Here is the end result of the "polka-dot arrangement."   When this photo was taken it was just about ready to be loaded into the SUV for delivery.  If you'd like to read about that adventure click here.  I thought the arrangement turned out really lovely.  It has turned into one of my favorites.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do a step-by-step tutorial at that time.  I was focusing deeply on the wedding then.

However, things have simmered down and now I have the time... so here goes:

Of course, you need twine.   The one I used was at least a 4 ply twine.  I've thrown away the packaging since the wedding but, that is my best guess.

So, as you can see, as well as, imagine, you simply wrap the twine around the jar several times to achieve the desired look and then tie it into a knot or a bow, whichever you like best.  You could tie beads or metal buttons from the end of the twine for a different look if you'd like also.  (There really are all sorts of things you could do!)

For the wedding I wrapped the twine around the jar many more times than the above jar.  For this application I wanted to see part of the "Ball" sign on the jar.  There you have it...the mason jar tutorial!  I told you it was very simple :)!
However, you can get creative and embellish the idea as I decided to do here. I found this "cork" ribbon in my craft supplies and thought it might look nice wrapped about the mason jar and tied with twine, as well.  This method gives a more textured look, don't you think?  The choices are endless when it comes to ribbon.  Any kind or color would work for this. I even thought of trying some fancy metal ribbon I owe but realized it would work better with a smooth vase or flower pot.  I'll try that at another time.  
The embellished mason jar looked so cute I decided to go to the grocery store and grab some flowers to make a quick and cute arrangement for my kitchen counter.  You could also use the empty mason jars for a party and fill them with utensils or straws or anything else you can think of!
The final arrangement was not as fancy or as special as the wedding arrangement, of course.  These flowers came from the grocery store and were very economical compared to the wedding arrangement, which makes them perfect for adding a little something to your home.  This brings me back to why I wanted to share this "Little Mason Jar Tutorial" in the first place. I wanted to show you how you can use everyday items, spend a little money and take a little bit of your time to create something that will give you and your family days of joy.  For me, that's part of what it's all about! 

 Here's wishing you create something phenomenal for your home!

Special Delivery (Jenny and Ben's Wedding Continued)

The journey of Jenny and Ben's wedding at The Whitney Inn at Jackson, for me, continued on the morning of September 12, 2015.  (To see the first part of the journey look here.)  The flowers needed to be delivered by 1:30 PM and Jackson, NH was almost three hours away!

So, my husband, Tom, carefully loaded up our SUV with flowers, coolers, boxes and our lunch.  (No stops were allowed!  We had precious cargo!)  We cranked up the A/C to keep the flowers fresh and off we went!

 The ride to Jackson was absolutely beautiful.  The day was sunny and clear and the temperature was warm, not overly so...just nice.  We wielded our way up through New Hampshire, driving over the top of Lake Winnipesaukee and on to Conway, NH.  We found a back way through North Conway to avoid the Saturday traffic which worked out well and was a neat discovery for future trips.  The Whitney Inn was off the beaten track, making the ride even lovelier.  New Hampshire really is a charming state, especially in late summer and  early fall.
                                                                Photograph courtesy of Jackonnh.com
We arrived at the inn right on time.  Jenny and her bridesmaids were finishing up with lunch.  They were sitting outside the rustic cottage Jenny had rented at the inn, wearing matching plaid shirts. So cute! Tom and I started unloading and delivering the bouquets and arrangements.

For the car ride, I had placed the bouquets in vases with a small amount of water to keep them hydrated.  When I got to the inn, I needed to take the bouquets out of the vases and wipe off the stems and place them into these pretty boxes.  I wanted the delivery to have a rustic feel to go along with the wedding.  I think the boxes worked well :).

Here you can see all the various flowers up close.  Some of the flowers used were hydrangea, white anemone, Star of Bethlehem, dusty miller, white roses, spray roses and various greens.

This was the bride's bouquet with all the whites and greenery she had asked for.

This was the Mother-of-the-Bride Corsage ready for delivery.

 Next, I gave the boutonnieres to the wedding coordinator.  He said he would pin them on the guys for me, which was very nice of him.  I never did see the groom or his groomsmen.  I guess they were off having a good time!
This was the grooms boutonniere.  I had saved one of the cherished anemones for him!  Check the first wedding post for the whole story :).

 Sorry for the quality of the photographs.  These were the only ones I was able to get.  Everything was so rushed at the end I forgot to take better photos.  

The bouts were pretty neat, though.  I liked the twine wrapped around the stems.
With the bouquets delivered to the bride and her bridesmaids, I went on to help Diane, the mother of the bride.  She was in charge of decorating the wedding arbor and I had gotten a phone call  during our ride up from my daughter, Brittany, (one of the bridesmaids) asking me to give Diane some help.  She was a little overwhelmed at that point.  I was more than happy to offer any assistance I could.  However, as it turned out, she had many volunteers and everything turned out looking lovely.  No need to worry.  Weddings are all so beautiful! 

My final job was to place the restroom arrangements in the barn bathrooms and then Tom and I were off...again!

We had brought overnight suitcases with us just in case we decided to stay in the area for the night.  But, to be honest, I hadn't slept all that well the two previous nights and I was exhausted.  Instead, we decided to visit The Mount Washington Resort, a place we had always wanted to investigate.  Our excursion was well worth the trip.  We spent the rest of the afternoon checking out the hotel, sitting on the expansive veranda and having some refreshments. What a great day!  We told ourselves we would have to come back at another time and spent a few nights.  That is going on the bucket list!!

I am still hoping I will be able to share the rest of the journey with you.  Hopefully, someone will offer me a few of the official photographs from the wedding! 

 ~Stay Tuned~

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Jenny and Ben's Wedding

Do you remember the bridal shower I did in early August?  You can see it here.  Well, I think back then I told you I was doing the flowers for the wedding also.  I'm not sure I told you the circumstances of my doing the bouquets for the wedding but, as it turns out, Jenny, the bride, is a childhood friend of my daughter, Brittany.  At kind of the last minute, (the end of July), Jenny decided she did, in fact, want fresh bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages for her wedding.  I think she might have planned on silk.  I'm not sure. Anyway, through my daughter, I was asked if I could help Jenny out.  I was more than happy to be of assistance.

The whole experience turned out to be wonderful.  I was able to reconnect with my daughter's old friend and had a great time creating the bridal flowers for the wedding.  I experienced a few trials along the way but, I learned and grew through all of them.  I am very thankful to Jenny for giving me the opportunity to help out and, also, for trusting me with her wedding.  It was a joyful experience for me.

Jenny told me she wanted all white bouquets with lots of natural greens mixed in.
At the last minute, we decided to add white anemones with the black center to break up all the white.  Unfortunately, anemones were coming to the end of their season and I was only able to obtain enough to put just one anemone in each bridesmaid bouquet and three in the Bride's bouquet.  
I used three different kinds of greens because Jenny wanted green-greens and gray-greens all mixed in.  Included were seeded eucalyptus, ruskus and ivy.
She also wanted vintage flowers such as white hydrangea, roses, spray roses and Queen Anne's Lace.  I also used large and small dahlias, which were in season.

Do you see the interesting flower in the lower, right-hand corner of this photo?  When I was unable to purchase as many anemones as I had planned, I started to panic a bit.  When I found these neat looking flowers at the flower market, I thought they were really cool and in some ways mimic the colors and look of the white anemone.  So I purchased a bunch of them.  They looked beautiful in the bouquets and arrangements. As it turns out they are called arabicum adenium or Star of Bethlehem Flower.  Funny, huh?  I discovered the name of the plant later and thought, maybe, I was given some Heaven Sent encouragement along the way.  Just sayin' :).

Jenny and Ben's wedding was a rustic wedding so wrapping the stems in burlap and then tying twine around seemed to be just what the doctor ordered!

In the end, I made two floral arrangements for the ladies and men's rooms with the flowers I had left over.  I found these polka-dot mason jars on clearance and tied twine around the middle of the jar to add a rustic effect.  I really liked how they turned out.  I hope to do a mini tutorial of these in a week or so.

I loved all the colors.  The white mixed with the different colored greens and the gray of the Dusty Miller really looked beautiful.  The gray brunia berries were neat too!

So, here are all the arrangements ready for packing up and delivery.  The boutonnieres and corsage were in the refrigerator and were to be packed into a cooler.  (I'll show you those in a future post.)   Since time is always of the essence when dealing with wedding flowers, actually flowers in general, I wasn't able to take as many lovely photos as I had wished.  I'm hoping the bride and the photographer will be kind and share some of the official wedding photos with me at a later date :).

Next we were off to Jackson, NH to deliver the flowers to the wedding party!!
~More to come~

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Outdoor Harvest Decorations

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  It's a great time to decorate the outside of your home with organic and natural elements. Fall decorating really is the beginning of holiday decorating for me.  I especially love all the colors of fall.  The changing leaves provide a natural backdrop for beautiful outdoor "decor". Pumpkins, gourds, berries, branches, all can be used to create great scenery around your home, inside and out.  For today, I am focusing on outdoors.

I decided to create a natural centerpiece on the raggedy old picnic table in my yard. The pumpkins, guords and Indian corn were purchased but I was able to find the bittersweet (unfortunately) and the hydrangeas in my yard and garden.
I added a burlap tablecloth to cover the raggedy table.  The burlap will last one season even in the rain so, it's a sure bet for the fall.

My barn is another fun place to decorate.  It's very rustic and the mums, ornamental cabbage, cornstalks, pumpkins and ornamental peppers used together look perfectly "fallish".

The window boxes of the barn are constantly being changed with the seasons of the year.  Here I have again used hydrangeas from the garden.  I also used burning bush branches I cut from shrubs in my woods.  They add delightful color to the window boxes.

Don't you just love the looks of autumn?

The front entry of your home is a great place to showcase your harvest decorating skills.  This is where you welcome your friends, family and sometimes strangers.  Why not make it as warm and festive as possible?

Start with a wreath or some kind of decorative hanging on the door.  Then, you can add planters and potted mums, as well as more pumpkins and gourds, if you'd like.  The coleus from the summer is still going strong and complements the yellow mum and orange pumpkins.

This was just a silly and fun arrangement I made for the wall between my garage doors.

I even decorate the playhouse for fall.  Any place in your yard you want to decorate is fair game and look how much fun this is!

Remembering Keri and Phil's Wedding

I am in the midst of preparing for a wedding this weekend.  I am doing the flowers for one of my daughter's childhood friends.  It is very exciting!  I will be sharing photos of that wedding soon but, until then, I want to remember the wedding I did about a year ago for the daughter of one of my best friends.

Keri and Phil were married on September 6, 2014 at the White Cliffs Country Club in Plymouth, MA.  They are a lovely couple and the seaside venue was gorgeous, the perfect backdrop for a late summer wedding.

The whole experience was wonderful for me.  I am so very grateful for the encouragement, my friend, Carolyn, (the mother of the bride) gave me when she asked me to do the flowers for Keri's wedding.  I gained so much confidence as a floral designer through that experience.  Carolyn and Keri are, in large part, the reason for that confidence.  They have always been very special to me for all sorts of reasons but, I will be forever thankful for their unwavering support.

I know I have shared these wedding photos before but, let me bask in the moment more time :).  Plus, there might be a few new pictures you haven't seen yet!

Here is the beautiful couple and their beautiful wedding:

There were two of these "gazebo" arrangements.  I loved making them!  They were so pretty and so fun to design!
Here is the lovely Keri.
Phil, as you can see, is a military guy.
The bride and her bridesmaids
The bouquets
Getting ready for the ceremony.

Cocktail Table Decorations

The Bride's Bouquet
The Wedding Cake

The rings

Thank you for letting me go down Memory Lane.  Now it's on to Jenny and Ben's wedding! 

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