Nantucket Window Boxes

As I had said in my last post, I was away for the 4th of July holiday.  Over the weekend, my family and I traveled to Nantucket for a one-day trip.  While waiting for the ferry to arrive for our trip back to the mainland, I shot some quick photos of these window boxes.  They decorate the shop fronts that line the cobblestone streets next to the loading area of the ferry boats.

                      This window box was my favorite.  What a cool idea to use half a large flag bunting under the window box.  The colors and the flags are just great and go along with the theme of the shop so well!
This window box was more subdued but very pleasant and very "Nantucket".  The pink geraniums are a nice accent next to the blue window trim and the pink roses on the trellis add that "Cape Cod" feel, as well.

This window box was my least favorite but the ferry was coming and I ran out of time to find a prettier one.  I would say this shop only got a C for effort!

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