My Garden Update

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of my side garden with the red begonias, blue lobelia, blue Browallia, foxglove, Jacob's Ladder, yellow and red snapdragons and purple cleome.
As you can see the foxglove and jacob's ladder are past their first blooming.  I am not sure if they will have another smaller one or not.  Only time will tell. I need to go into the garden and trim those two plants back and see what happens.  However, the yellow and red snapdragons have come alive a bit, which helps fill in the back of the garden.

I wasn't thrilled with the color of the red snapdragons at first.  I thought it was too burgundy for the garden but, maybe it's ok if the colors aren't matchy, matchy.  As long as they are healthy and blooming, I'm happy!

There's one purple cleome starting to makes it move on the bottom left of the photo.  In a few weeks it should be as tall as the yellow snapdragons to fill in even more.

 Here is a photo of my beloved browallia.  For some reason I just love this plant.  It looks like little blue/purple stars in the garden!  And it loves the shade which is great for my yard with all of its trees!

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